6 Makeup Tips That Should Not Be Neglected


Through makeup, you can enhance your natural features and cover any flaws such as pimples, scars, dark circles, wrinkles, and moles. Make sure you are using the right type of cosmetics that go well with your skin type. The occasion is also important. For casual everyday makeup, you can use neutral shades and a few makeup items only like a lip gloss and eyeliner only, but for a formal party or a wedding, heavy makeup is preferred. It should be well compatible with your outfit and other accessories like jewelry.

Here below are some useful makeup tips that one must adopt while makeup.

Appropriate Makeup Tools

The basic requirement for applying makeup perfectly is to have proper tools that will help you work conveniently and accurately. No matter what level of experience you have, improper tools will certainly be a barrier and rather can give a clumsy appearance. You will need makeup brushes, sponge, eyebrow pencil, applicators, mascara wand and eyeliner brush. The lash curler is optional because some women don’t like using this tool and prefer thick coating of mascara instead.

Concealing Dark Circles

Apply a concealer that is similar to your skin tone to hide your horrible dark circles. They can be prominent especially if you don’t get enough sleep for long. When applied properly, the concealer can actually give magical effects and make your face appear fresh and bright.

How to apply: Moisturize the skin and then dab concealer over it with the tip of your finger. The skin under eyes is very sensitive, so move fingers gently.

Foundation with Skin Tone

Many women make mistake when it comes to makeup base. They either choose too bright or darker tone. Consider your natural skin color, and then buy a foundation. Oil-based foundations are good for normal or dry skin. For oily skin, use the water-based because they are not sticky.

Color Your Cheeks

To highlight your cheekbones, use a pink or peach blush. It will add vibrancy, brightness, and warmth to your face. Begin with your nose and move to the chin. It gives the best effect when applied in meager amount only. Don’t use a thick coating of it because it will give a clownish and clumsy look. The lighter, the better!

Highlight Your Eyes

Eyes are the focal point in your face and attract the most attention. So, keep them beautiful and bright by using the right color of eye shadow. Neutral colors look great on eyes. Use liner to enhance the upper lash line. You can also apply a thin line on the lower lash line if you like it.

Now, it’s time to enhance the natural shape of eyelashes. Apply one coating of mascara over it, and let it dry. Now apply another coating. It will further extend your lashes.

Lip Gloss, The Perfect Finish

Finally, get your favorite lip color and apply keeping up with the natural shape of the lips. For more precision, you can outline with a pencil of the same shade. Make sure to blend the outline with the lip color well. Pink, peach, and nude shades are more popular among women.


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