23 March Pakistan Day – History & Current Situation of Pakistan

23 March Pakistan Day

Why Was Pakistan Necessary?

23rd March Also known as Republic day, 23rd March is celebrated with full enthusiasm in Pakistan. On 23rd March 1940, Lahore resolution, also known as Qarardad e Pakistan, was passed. Later on this resolution became foundation for a separate country for Muslims. 23rd March has great importance in history of Pakistan.
Sub-continent was under British rule. Their were two other major nations, Hindu and Muslim.Muslim all over the sub- continent wanted a seperate land to live their lives peacefully.
Muslim league held its annual session on 23rd march in Lahore. During this session Quaid e Azam, along with the other founding members presented two nation theory. According to this theory Hindu and Muslim are two different nations with different ideologies and way of life. This theory later on took a storm and resulted in Pakistan.
Pakistan started and continued with indian constitution until 23rd march1956, when first constitution of Pakistan was introduced. So this day has double pack of celebrations for Pakistani nation.
With Prime minister of Pakistan as a chief guest, many festivities are held in capital including Air show and Parade. Pakistan shows its military strength on 23rd march. After the parade, President gives civil awards and medals to awardees.
The next youm e Pakistan is to be celebrated on 23rd March 2019. This day will be celebrated with full patriotism. And we hope and pray that may our country prosper and grow forever.  Long live Pakistan!

After 1857, British-ruled subcontinent. And their neglecting behavior with Muslims was not hidden. Not only their religious or social rights were suppressed by the British, but they also neglected their basic human rights.

Clearly, their favor was with Hindus who wanted British to get out from the subcontinent so that they can take charge of the land. Some Muslim leaders realized the fact that if English people will leave the land and transfer the charge to Hindus, they will remain in misery as

Hindus will continue the violation of their rights. And this was not acceptable for Muslims anymore.

The need for new land was unavoidable where Muslims can freely practice their religious duties and can get their rights.

What Was the Ideology of Pakistan?

The ideology of Pakistan was based on religion. Muslims needed a separate country for them to practice their religion freely and to have access to their basic rights as human as well as citizens of the land. The ideology of Pakistan was based on two nation theory.

What Was Two Nation Theory?

Muslim leaders named it “awakening of Muslims”. According to this theory, Hindu and Muslims were two different nations which had different lifestyle and code of living.
Of course, Hindus were different in all aspects. They consider cow the “holy GAU Mata” whereas Muslims slaughter cows and eat their meat.

Hindus drink cow urine as a religious practice and for Muslims it is haram. They used to burn women with their deceased husbands whereas Islam gives all rights to women.

Hindus introduced Dholki and Barat and for Muslims, it was Nikkah and Walima. We were different in all aspects. So Muslims demanded a separate land. Which was later named “land of pure”, our beloved Pakistan.

What Happened on 23rd March 1940?

23 March 1940 was a revolutionary day for Muslims when a great crew gathered at Iqbal Park. None of them knew each other, none of them was having any blood relation, and there was no concept other than brotherhood.

They were only Muslims who were gathered and truly wanted to have an independent state in the form of great Pakistan, to live their own life according to their religion.

They passed a resolution demanding a separate country in that procession, which was headed by the great Muslim leader, Quid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah (May his soul be in peace). The several lines that Quid-e-Azam addressed to that huge crowd at that time, is known as Pakistan resolution.

What 23rd March Reminds Us Of?

This historical resolution in the subcontinent has great significance in the history of the world. 23 March reminds us of the sacrifices of our great Muslim leaders and our ancestors who sacrificed their lives for this holy country. They gave away everything and promised to be united and to build a strong foundation of this sacred country, which was probably the last hope for the survival of Islam in the world.

Important: Pakistan is first amongst the two countries in the world who were made in the name of religion. And whose ideology was purely religious. The second one is Israel.

Current Situation of Pakistan:

Fortunately, Muslims got their desired land. It was named Pakistan. Today Pakistan is one of the important countries in the world due to its geographical location and political situation.

However, we have lost the vision of those daring people. On that day, Sindhi, Punjabi, Balochi, and Pathans joined hands to make Pakistan under one flag but today we all are segregated into different cast and sects and provinces, fighting and just working for our own prospects.

Pakistan is facing an extreme fight against terrorism. Our country is led by leaders who have made records in corruption.

What Should We Do?

Today, we blame the country that Pakistan has not given us anything. But you should give it a thought that what you have done for this country in your life? Today, we just know that there will be a holiday on 23 March, but no one actually knows the significance of this day.

Our country for which thousands of great personalities sacrificed their lives is facing terrible conditions, the biggest losses such as the separation of East Pakistan, terrorists’ attacks, severe economic depression and all are due to the lack of foresightedness of our leaders and the nation. We do not know how to work for our country; we just know how to criticize & blame others and how to work only for the personal interests. This is not the behavior of a “Nation”, we all just wandering to fulfill our dreams and wishes. We need to get aligned as a nation once again. We need to fight our enemies and we need to overcome our inner weaknesses like corruption, terrorism, lack of education, poverty.

Saying bad is easy but doing good is right here in our hands. So let’s join the hands again. And participate in making Pakistan a shining nation on the map of the world.


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