13 Steps To Cure Baby Diaper Rash At Home


Todlers and infaints mostly face the problem of nappy rash as they use diaper for most of the time. Nappy rash makes your little child disturbed and also make him/her weep. Mothers get worried about how to releif their child against this pinching thing. It is hard to quit using diaper as the baby urinate frequently and wetness cause restless to him/her. Baby with no diaper also create embarasement to the mothers when their baby wets anyone’s clothes at some public place. So how can she keep him without packing to avoid rashes? The need is to take wise steps to get relieved of the pinching itchiness safely. Go through the given 13 steps to cure baby rashes at home and make your baby happy with a peaceful sleep at night.

1. Wash Diaper Area

First of all put of your kids’ diaper and then wash diaper area with some gentle baby soap or body wash for atleast 4times a day. This will help kill the rash causing germs and soothe the skin of your baby.

2. Blow Dry Diaper Area

Take your hair drier at very little temperature and blow dry the diaper area for atleast 10to15 minutes so that the skin may thoroughly go dry.

3. Massage with a Diaper Cream

After blow dry, massage your childs’ nappy area with a mild diaper cream and let it fully absorbed in the skin for good results.

4. Apply Baby Powder

Apply baby powder on the diaper area of the child so that it may throughly go dry as well as giving a mild fragrance.

5. Massage with Olive Oil

If the problem still presists, massage your kids’ skin with an extra virgin olive oil after keeping it in sunshine for a while. This will cure your baby’s nappy rash in just two days if applied thrice a day.

6. Uncloth Child

In order to make your child stay free from nappy rash, uncloth him for atleast 30minutes after every couple of hours and let him/her play laid on any soft cloth or baby towel.

7. Bath

Make him take a bath daily so that he must stay away from the germs which lead to nappy rash.

8. Massage

Massage his/her diaper area regularly with mild lotion or oil.

9. Thing to Avoid

Refrain from puting on plastic pents

10. Don’t be Lazy

Don’t be lazy in changing his/her wet clothes.

11. Baking Soda

You may also add baking soda in the water with which you are going to make your baby bath.

12. Breast Milk

Breast milk is a great miracle agaisnt nappy rash. Pour few drops on nappy area and let it get absorbed thoroughly.

13. Flour

Sprinkle some flour on the area where are rashes and find magical results.

The above given natural tips to cure baby’s nappy rash are supposed to work well. Try out these 13tips to cure baby rash at home and save wasting extra money on its cure. Keep your baby smiling with no worry of nappy rash.


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