Yoga for Weight Loss

Regular yoga offers many benefits including making you feel better about your body as you become stronger and flexible, toning your muscles, improving your mental and physical well-being and reducing stress. The most useful benefit is; it helps you lose weight.

Practicing different types of yoga will build strength and health. In order to lose weight you also need to eat healthily and burn calories by doing exercise that raises your heart rate on a regular basis.

More energetic yoga styles can provide a better workout but a regular yoga practice has shown to lower your metabolism. If weight loss is your primary goal then you will want to join yoga with running, swimming, walking or other aerobic exercises.

You will feel that yoga can still facilitate you lose weight by bringing you to a better understanding of your body by improving self-image and sense of well-being, and encouraging to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Keep in your mind that if you are just starting to do yoga, and you are very overweight and quite out of shape then always choose a beginner-level class first. Also to minimize the risk of injury, make sure to find experienced teachers and listen to your body first.

What Kinds of Yoga Are the Most Vigorous or Energetic?

The most healthy yoga styles fall in the vinyasa or flow yoga category. These styles normally start with a fast-paced series of poses called sun salutations and they are followed by a flow of standing poses which will keep you moving. Once you are well warmed up, backbends and deeper stretches are introduced. Vinyasa comprises many popular and sweat-drenched yoga styles such as:


Ashtanga yoga is a very dynamic style of practice and its practitioners are the most dedicated yogis. Beginners are encouraged to sign up for a series of classes, which will help them with motivation. Ashtanga follows the same series of positions each time but once you learn the sequence then you can practice anytime at home.

Power Yoga:

Power yoga is particularly popular at gyms and health clubs, although it is extensively available at dedicated yoga studios as well. It is based on building the intensity and heat of Ashtanga while providing with fixed series of poses. It really helps in losing weight quickly.

Hot Yoga:

Vinyasa yoga is done in a hot room by guaranteeing that you will sweat buckets. Be aware that Bikram (a form of Yoga) and hot yoga are not synonymous. Bikram is a revolutionary style of hot yoga which also includes a set series of poses and indeed a draft developed by the founder Bikram Choudhury. There are many other styles of hot yoga available these days like Moksha, that exercise of the hot room but not the Bikram series.

Yoga Workouts at Home

At home keep yourself exercising by doing yoga on the days you can’t make a class or after learning techniques from an institute, keep practicing at home as well. Follow a video or audio recording if you are new to yoga. To make the most of yoga’s benefits it will be great to do a little bit each day. In few days you will start feeling a positive change in your mind and mind as well.


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