Kashmir History in Urdu


Kashmir is one of the most beautiful valleys of South Asia. But at the same time, it is also one of the most disputed areas of world since a very long time. Kashmir issue is between Pakistan and India since the time when the separation of both countries was declared by British government. In the south of subcontinent the beautiful valley of Kashmir is located with the terrible and the most deadly beast in human form being the most cruel on the peaceful humanity living over there. The disputed and non-disputed area of Kashmir totals a huge sum of 39,102 square miles. This mass coverage by this beautiful valley and its belonging areas is divided into two parts the independent Kashmir and the disputed Kashmir. Disputed Kashmir comprises of 39102 square miles, which is in under the hold of Indian government and their military forces. The capital city of this disputed area is Siri Nagar. And the remaining 25,000 miles are of independent Kashmir and the capital of this area is Muzafar Abad, which is stabilized and operated under the concentrated observations of Pakistani government. The total population of Kashmir is one crore out of which 25 Lac Kashmiri people lives in independent Kashmir and the remaining are strangled in Disputed Kashmir and are fighting for their independence.
In 1846, British government sold the valley to a Dogra raja Ghulab Singh for 75 Lac rupees. The 80 % population of Kashmir comprises of Muslims, to rule over this hudge amount the raja used the extreme of his power. At the time of separation, on 26 October 1947, the raja Hari Singh announced the merger of Kashmir in India, which was against the will of Muslims. The merger caused a war between the two neighbor countries.
Kashmir issue is one of the major reasons for the dispute between Pakistan and India. to stop the war between Pakistan and India UNO had to interfere in 1949. On the basis of resolutions passed between Pakistan and India, UNO asked both countries to invade armies from Kashmir and to do a fair poll. Primarily the Indian prime minister agreed for poll but later on, he denied to do so. As a result of war Pakistan was able to invade some area from India, where an independent government was established. Still both countries are trying to resolve the Kashmir issue in peaceful manner.

Kashmir History in Urdu

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  1. sub jout likha hai,kashmir k halaat jb jo k tu rkhnay ka mahida hua tou androuni halaat k kharab hony ki aar may pahlay pakistani kabailiou nay madakhlat ki

  2. kashmir ka bara ma jo hakekt ha wo dunia janti ha lakin ya mara hayal ma ya to chr batan lekh kr samjata ha ka hamara kartoton per parda per gaya ha.
    kashmir ke 1947 ka bad ke jatni history lekhi gahi ha us ka bara ma to kashmir ka bacha bacha janta ha ka katni hakekt ha.
    koi be mulk ko wo pakistan wo barat ho ya china kashmir ke azadi ka leya kashmir ka bata apna hon bahata rhan ga or inshallah ak din aya ga ka kashmir pahla ke tara ka alag mulk ban kr dunia per raj kra ga.

  3. kashmir should be free from pakistan and india.And BAlochistan and sindudesh should be free by pakistan….sorry,but there is no pakistan,,,we call it punjab becauase in every province just punjab is ruling….Pakistan murdha bhad..AZAD BALOCHISTAN zindha bhad………………

  4. Bilkul Kahmir bhi ek Aazad Ryaasat Hona Chahiye……Is door K Zaalim Hukumraan Khuwah Wo Pakistan K hon Ya Phir Hindustan K Sb Apny Mafadat K Liye Kashmirion Par Zulm Dha Rahy Hain, Neither Pakistan nor Hindustan, Kashmir Should Be Free For Herself And Her Nation Specifically..aur isko aazad hony main b kisi ki khaasi madad ki zarurat hogi par madad karega koun???here from Hindustan or Pakistan every body is asserting that Kahmeer will be the part of our country but sorry to say I am unable to find a single person from here and there who should be truly, fairly and justly sincere with the Nation of Kahmeer..

  5. kashmir is the part of pakistan.Gov and pople s of pk recive this part………………….inshaALLAH…..

  6. Insaan ko kam az kam itna begerat nahi hona chahiye k Pakistan me rehtey huwe apney mulak k tukrey tukrey kar do, Allah se daro Pakistan hamara mulak ha or hamare baron ne bohat saari qubaaniyon k baad isey haasil kiya tha apna khoon diya tha is bayaadon me hamare baron ka khoon ha tum is ko tokron me kerne ki baat ker k apney baron k khoon se gadari krahay ho , Allah tum lagon ko hadayat de or tum ko or tumhare baron ko India ki gulaami se najjat de

  7. Aamir malik kashmir is a beautiful valley in south aasia Kashmir is the part of Pakistan inshallaha Kashmir azad ho ga hum tab tak lada ga jab tak Kashmir aazad nahi hoga allaha hamara sath ha ya allaha hum kashmiri ko in zalemo sa aazad karda aameen

  8. we neither want india nor pakistan.we want our free nation ‘kashmir’ where we can implement islamic shariyah(goverment).