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Jam-e-masjid Delhi is the largest mosque/masjid of India which was built in 1656 during the reign of Mughal emperor Shah Jahan. This huge and beautiful masjid is the masterpiece of Mughal architecture. You can see its long Minarets from long distance in the Delhi city.
Lahore is the second largest city of Pakistan, which is the capital of Punjab. It is a historical city which is the cultural, political and economic hub of the province. Due to numerous historical buildings, mosques, tombs and gardens...
The surface area of Libya is 679536 square miles and the total population is 5 million. Its borders connect with Egypt in the east, Al Jazair in the west, Nigeria and Sudan in the south and Tunis in the North West. The capital of this country is Trablus.
King David (Hazrat Daud A.S) founded the city of Jerusalem and holy places which was further taken care by his son King Solomon (Hazrat Sulaiman A.S). Most of the times, the city of Jerusalem is known by Muslims as “Bait-ul-Muqqadas” (holy house or place).
Cave of Hira is three km away in the north-east of the city of Mecca. It is opposite to the famous mountain of Jabal-al-Shabeer. The cave is about 3.6 m long and 1.60 m wide.
In the past, university word was used for the higher Islamic education providing institutions in the Muslim culture. The topic is narrated here in concern of Jamia Al Azhar history. Now the word university is considered as the latest scientific education providing institution.
Faisalabad is the ancient city of Punjab that was discovered in 1892 by a British Sir Charles James Lyal and because of him was firstly called Lyallpur. It is the third biggest city of Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore and because of its industrial development Faisalabad is named as "Manchester of Asia".
One-step in Europe and one-step in Asia, Turkey is the most fascinating study of harmony in diversity. It is the third largest Islamic country after Iran and Pakistan. It is located in the center of Asia and Europe. After going through this passage and the article attached in Urdu with it, you will confer much useful information on history and culture of Turkey in Urdu.
Shah Faisal Mosque is not only Pakistan’s most famous and largest Mosque but also has the credit of South Asia’s great Mosque. Because of its unique design, this Mosque is heartiest among the entire Muslim globe.
Jordan is an ancient country of Middle East on the bank of river Jordan. It came under the influence of Islam in 7th century and today Islam is the State religion and Arabic is the State language of this country.
Syria is the ancient city of Middle East that is consisted of 92% Muslim population. The history or geography of Syria is compulsory to know for the Muslims as this one is also a Muslim state.
A particular place where the followers of Hindu mat perform their rituals is known as temple. The history of the construction of temples is as ancient as Hindu mat is. Ranganathaswamy is the biggest temple of India at this time and this temple is also known with the name of Sirangam as it is situated in Sirangam.
Bahawalpur is Pakistan’s 12th ancient city that is regarded as Punjab’s division. Its foundations were laid by the second ruler of David Pota a Sindhi family and so named after him as Bahawalpur.
Saudi Arabia is a Arabic speaking country. It is a center for the Muslims of the world. Islam started to spread in this country for the first time 1400 years ago. Read the history of Saudi Arabia in Urdu.