What is my Skin Type? Information in Urdu


Healthy skin is prerequisite of beautiful face so it is important to have clear skin for the beautiful face. To know your skin type is also of paramount importance because it provides help in facial makeup. Women used to apply many skin care products but for the selection of the products, one should know the skin type. Skin is normally categorized five types.
1. Normal skin
2. Dry skin
3. Oily skin
4. Combination skin
5. Sensitive skin
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How to Know My Skin Type

What is My Skin Type
Normal skin:
Sort of the skin that lies between the oily and the dry skin because neither it produces much oil, nor looks so dry. It is easy to apply makeup on normal skin because of its adaptability and the characteristic of holding the makeup for long time. Pores of normal skin are not opened and there are fewer chances of pimples to appear. Specialized types of makeup products are offered by different brands for normal skin, which can give a glamorous look.
Dry Skin:
Dry skin has very small pores and secretes very low amount of oil that is not capable (sufficient) of providing the required quantity of oil to the skin. It is a sort of a skin that is rough, upon which it is difficult to makeup because it does not allow the makeup to get absorbed in it that is why it is necessary to choose the makeup products, specially made for the dry skin. Women with dry skin should also try home based tips to moisturize the skin.
Oily Skin:
Oily skin produces extra oil than the requirement of the skin that is why it is important to wash the face with soap to remove oil but soap removes oil temporarily. Oily skin is prone to the acne because of open pores and sebaceous glands that produce oil. Women of oily skin should select the makeup products that are free of alcohol to avoid the skin problems.
Combination Skin:
Its combination of oily and dry skin, that means some parts of the face tend to look oily while some look dry. Most of the people with combination skin possess oily skin of nose and chin while cheeks have dry skin. Special cosmetics should be applied for this type of skin.
Sensitive Skin:
This skin type shows 70% properties of dry skin but more sensitive than other skin types. Redness, itching, allergy and irritation are the common problems of the sensitive skin. Therefore, one should take very good care of the skin.


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  2. (fatima): kindly tell me how to remove moles from the skin? is there any solution 4 it? m v.upset becoz they r increasing day by day.sun light is being realy harmful. how 2 avoid them n how 2 remove those which have already appeared? plz do tell me. thank u!

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  4. rani: skin ko chek krne ka ye tariqa ha k app rat ko munh doh kr soyn or subha uth kr kisi tissue se saf kr k dekhen ager oil nazer ae tu oily ager na nazer ae tu normal or ager apki skin dekhne mn hi khush lage tu khusk hogi.or plz ager apki skin pr dane hn tu kisi skin specialist ko dekhain kyon k ye ha tu mamoli bat lekin agr inhn mishandle kia jae tu sari umer k lye nishaan chehre pr reh jate hn.
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