Salwar Kameez: Latest Summer Dress Designs


Pakistan has distinguishing cultures that gives it a novel place in the world. Pakistani foods, styles and dresses are different from other cultures and countries. Pakistani people wear shalwar kameez and it becomes the symbol of Pakistanis. Different trends of shalwar kameez prevail at different paces of time. It is also noticed that specific trends of fashion of shalwar kameez repeat in different eras.
There are various examples of changing summer fashion trends in Pakistan, for instance during 1970’s and 80’s, fitted shot kameez (shirt) with loose shalwar were the part of the dressing fashion. Afterwards in 1990’s medium length of kameez replace the short shirts with tight Shalwar whereas during early years of 20th century, women loved to wear short fitted shirts with loose shalwar that is known as Patiala shalwar. This was the repetition of the trend of dressing of 80’s. Now long lose shirts (normally of 41 or 42 inches) with loose trousers that are known as culet or chooridar are inn.
The choice of colors also differs during different times. In old times, people loved to wear light and decent colors such as browns, light pinks, and mustered etc. And now those colors replaced by the bright and bold colors like shocking pink, yellow, bright blue, red, parrot green and deep blue etc. Shalwar kameez with combination of colors look very beautiful. It gives an elegant and smart look.
Our collection of Pakistani Shalwar Kameez delivers the ideas of latest trends. The grey and brown color contrast of the frock is the cool combination. The embroidery of blue and maroon adds beauty to the dress. During summers one important point is the selection of the stuff of the dress so that you can stay comfortable. Mostly lawn, cotton or lawn with cotton is used to wear in summers because of the high temperature so that air can pass though the fabric. Most popular brands of lawn and cotton in Pakistan are given below so that you can choose a good quality fabric and beautiful designs.

  • AL – Karam Lawn
  • Gull Ahmad Lawn and Cotton
  • Breeze’
  • Nishat Linen
  • Sitara Fabrics
  • Rivaaj
  • Lawn and Cotton by Ittehad Textiles


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