Oily Skin Care Tips in Urdu


Sebaceous gland produces oil of the skin and skin becomes oily if these glands produce more than normal amount of oil. People with oily skin should avoid dust because it badly affects the skin. Dust can cause acne problem because oily skin is porous in nature and the dust fill up the pores that became pimples. Instead of using creams and lotions, cleansing milk is the best option, also natural face wash can bring betterment in your skin as well.

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Oily Skin Care Tips

  • If you have oily skin then try to drink as much water as you can and eat more fruits and vegetables. The best way to wash oily skin is to wash it with warm water or apply lemon juice; it removes all the oil from skin.
  • Sometimes imbalance of hormones does produce extra oil. If you are facing the hormonal imbalance problem then consult the doctor about this issue. Hormonal diseases are more common in women than men. Therefore, instead of trying different creams and lotions women should consult to the doctor and get the treatment in time.
  • Tomato paste is effective to remove excessive oil of the skin and tomatoes are easily available in our homes. It is good not only to control the oil but also makes your skin soft and smooth.
  • Cosmetics for oily skin are widely available in the market. So women with oily skin should use the products made for oily skin only.
  • To get rid of oily skin, drink plenty of water and avoid food with heavy fats.
  • Wash your face with cool water as many times as you can.
  • Do not use milk for cleansing of the face but an astringent for cleansing before makeup can reduces oil from your face.
  • Cucumber juice is very useful for the skin that has excessive oil.
  • Pores and blackheads are the common problems of oily skin. People with oily skin should rub a piece of tomato on the face to remove blackheads and to clean the skin. Keep the tomato piece in refrigerator before rubbing it on the face. In this way, it gives you quick and affective result.
  • Apply mud mask at least once a day to remove extra oil from the skin.
  • Apple juice removes unnecessary oil from the skin naturally. Mix apple juice and lemon juice and apply on the skin for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Oily skin is very sensitive and needs intensive care. The people having oily skin should try our tips and take very good care of their skin to enhance their beauty.

Oily Skin Tips

Tips for Oily Skin


  1. Stress can make acne outbreaks worse that is usually experienced. The treatment of acne is not related to greasy foods. Acne can be treated with an over the counter acne medication designed to dry up the gland and clean the face from excess oil. It is not a hidden fact that teens hate acne, perhaps their most common skin problem. Persistence with the following tips will help you cure your acne.

  2. Now a day, everyone
    wants a natural cure for acne; because

    pimples; blackheads; whiteheads and zits
    are the most annoying marks a

    person always hates to find over his/her
    skin. I am sure; you would be

    having the same feelings. . How soothing
    it would be to get rid of them.

    But unfortunately there is no such acne
    treatment being discovered so

    far. Yet, if you are thinking of going to
    cure acne naturally, you are

    lucky to come with the upright solution.

    Let’s know first what acne is?

    With inflammatory tendencies, Acne may
    stem out due to various reasons

    on your skin. Out of which most common
    causes are bacterial infections;

    sebum’s over growth;
    environmental/climatic reasons; hormonal growth and

    the genetic order even. Acne not only
    diminishes a persons’ natural

    beauty by leaving marks but also
    adversely affects self confidence and

    self esteem of the particular person.

    Let’s learn natural cure for acne:

    You must not undermine the precaution
    side as it is a must to stay away

    for acne. You cannot regard a natural
    acne remedy as a miracle since it

    is an everyday task to keep your skin
    healthy and beautiful.

    1. Clean and clear skin is less prone to
    acne attacks. To avoid any dirt

    traces on the skin, it is highly
    recommended to take 2 showers per day.


    2. Don’t touch your face unnecessarily.
    If you are an acne victim, any

    foreign bacterial approach could lead to
    more severe outcomes.

    3. Don’t let your skin get exposed to
    sun-rays. There is no doubt that

    sunlight is a great natural source of
    Vitamin D, however too much skin

    contact with sun rays will have a
    negative effect on your skin acne

    treatment and you will definitely fail to
    get natural cure for acne.


    4. Drink as much water as possible. Water
    is not only helpful in keeping

    you safe from dehydration but it also
    keeps your system functioning

    smooth by eliminating toxins and other
    harmful materials. You can’t

    imagine how dangerous these materials
    could be for your skinweight
    , if

    concentrated ones.

    5. Don’t forget to apply a moisturizer
    over your skin especially after

    showers. Your dermatologist can better
    guide you about one matching your

    skin type. It prevents your skin being
    dry and rough.


    By following these 5 simple natural cures
    for acne rules, you can

    better cure acne. A few home methods
    would be great as well to get rid

    of it quickly. For instance, you can get
    faster results by applying

    crushed garlic or castor oil on the
    pimpled skin. Never forget the value

    of your skin as it’s your greatest
    treasure. Fight back acne and say no

    to it as soon as you find even the
    slightest trace over your beautiful