How to Make Your Makeup Last All Day Long? Urdu Tips


Every girl or woman strives to maintain her beauty and it is very good to take care of you to boost your confidence level and self-esteem. It is often said “women think of nothing but make up and fashion”.
Make up and clothing is inseparable part of the personality.
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How to Make Your Makeup Long LastingMake your Beauty Look Last All DayMake up long Lasting Tips

With the beautiful clothes and jewelry it is also important to know that how to make your makeup long lasting? This article will provide you some simple beauty tips and also tell you how to have spotless make up that lasts for the day long.
How to apply foundation?

  • The first step of long lasting makeup is to moisturize your skin otherwise your skin looks dry and dull. Massage your skin with moisturizing lotion for few minutes before starting the makeup.
  • Spotless skin is the sign of beauty but if there are marks or spots on your skin then you can use concealer to hide these marks. But make sure that the color of foundation and concealer should be matched with the skin tone.
  • 3rd step is to apply foundation prime on your face. It absorbs the extra moisture and help to make your makeup long lasting. You can also use the colored primers that are available in light green, yellow and lavender color.
  • Choose a foundation that matches with your skin tone. Foundation gives a glow to the skin.

Eye Makeup:

  • After applying foundation, you should start eye makeup.
  • Always use water proof eye makeup to have fine look. Before applying eye makeup, apply a single coat of Eye makeup Prime for long lasting eye makeup.
  • Liquid eye liner is best and lasts for more time than pencil eye liner. Dark blue, chocolate brown and grey colors are best for eye liner. Apply single coat of mascara at the end of eye makeup.


  • Before applying lipstick, apply lipstick foundation or powder. Then draw outline with the lip liner that should be dark in color than the color of lipstick. Apply lipstick with the help of lipstick brush and apply lip gloss at the end.
  • Selection of lipstick color is a bit confusing process. Women with dim skin complexion should use light colors and women of fair skin complexion can use dark shades of lipstick.
  • Brow dry is a good hair style and easy to carry. You can easily manage you work all the day with this hair style.
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