Face Cleansing Tips in Urdu


Face Cleansing Tips in Urdu

Women mostly use face cleansing tips to improve the look of their face especially on different events. Cleansers are used for cleansing of your skin but the prior knowledge of skin type is necessary. Milk Cleanser is suitable for dry skin and the cream cleanser is suitable for oily or normal skin. There are different kinds of cleansers that are used by mixing in water; those cleansers are known as water-soluble cleansers. Therefore, it is crucial to know what type of your skin is and which cleanser is suitable for you before applying it. Although there are many ready made cleansers available in the market but you can also make it at home by using lemon, glycerin etc.
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Face Cleansing Tips

Face Cleansing Tips in Urdu
Dry skin is critical to handle and the type of cleanser used for dry skin should be rich-liquid cleansers to provide moisture to the skin. Be careful while purchasing a cleanser that the cleanser should be non-perfumed. Oily skin is very sensitive skin type that needs intensive care and the cleanser suitable to the oily skin is light cleanser or the homemade cleanser. The cleanser for oily skin should also be oil free and mild in nature.
Another type of the skin is sensitive skin and for sensitive skin special kind of cleansers are available that are hypo allergic cleansers. Hypo allergic cleansers are free of side effects and soap free. People with sensitive skin should select the soap very carefully because sometimes soap can also causes allergy to the skin. After choosing the suitable cleanser, follow the following steps of cleansing process.
• Tie your hair so that your hair cannot disturb you during cleansing, wash your hands with antiseptic soap and wear a shirt with deep neck for neck cleansing.
• Then apply cleansing milk on the face and the neck, massage in circular motion with soft hands. There are some pressure points in the structure of face and neck. The points are called pressure points because there is need to put some pressure during cleansing, it gives you a relax feeling. Pressure points of face and neck are
I. Start of spinal cord on the back of the neck
II. Temples (bony ridge of the eyebrow)
III. Cheekbone
IV. Inner corner of the eyes.
• After the massage of 10 minutes, wash your face and neck with warm water or you can remove the extra cleanser with the cleansing towel.
Daily cleansing can really works well to improve the skin complexion and the freshness of the face. It is also advised that one should go for skin allergy test that will help in the selection of cleanser.


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