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If you are over 40 years, you can't have a younger looking figure and a youthful face. Sadly we don't usually think about stopping the Aging Process until we're observing the direct effects.
Our skin is one of our most valuable asset. It protects us from many different things and is a signal of How Well Our Health is. It even play a large role in defining How Beautiful We Are. Freckles are the small Brown Marks arising on the face and other sun exposed areas.
Pakistani Makeup is a typical style makeup which differs according to skin complexion and time of the event in which you are going to participate. Makeup tips for morning, noon and night time ceremonies are different and if adopted, these tips can help you beautify your skin to the maximum.
Normally our complexion gets pale or faded due to abrupt fall in health or carelessness in diet. Our face grows pale also because of less sleeping hours, which effects badly upon liver system.
Face is considered to be the reflection of whole personality. When we see someone the first thing that we note is the facial beauty or the facial attraction of that particular person. The first and foremost factor in enhancing our personality is to take too much care of our face.
Steaming is considered as the ancient way in enhancing your facial beauty. Through steaming, all the pores of your skin get deep cleansing and pimples, black heads and white heads are removed gently.
Exfoliation is basically the treatment of dead cells and uneven skin. The exfoliation of face softens the skin and provides it a fresh look. It is enough to exfoliate your face at home once a week as too much exfoliation causes harmful impacts to skin.
The shape of face is important because it determines which hairstyle and which makeup style suits you. It is important to know your face shape for effective implementation of makeup on your face. Basically there are five shapes of human face i.e. square shape, heart shape, oval shape, round shape and long shape.
Face cleansing is not only important for women but also equally important for men. Most important thing about face cleanser is that it must be selected according to your skin because for different skin types there are different cleansers.
For a healthy and beautiful skin face packs are necessary. These face packs remove the dead cells of the skin and make the skin shinny and attractive. Here is a method in Urdu to teach how to apply face pack.
The usage of foundation is necessary for the facial makeup of women and girls. It smoothens the face skin and dries it as well to give a good foundation to the makeup. Learn how to apply cake foundation before makeup in Urdu.
Different types of moisturizers are applied on face in order to give skin a soft and delicate touch. The selection of moisturizer is made according to the skin type according to the requirement.
Skin toners are compulsory for every skin type as they help blood circulation bring to better and provide to the skin a fresher and delicate look. There are different skin toners available in the market according to the skin types.
Blushers play an indispensable role for the reddish or pinkish colour of cheeks. Out of different types of blushers, powder blushers are the most common, which are used during makeup.