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Home Remedies for Open Pores

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Skinis an alive organ of the body which provokes sense of life in us. Each and every cell of skin can feel the state and intensity of the weather.
How to Apply Liquid Foundation

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Liquid foundation is an important part of face makeup. It is necessary to have good liquid foundation before you start face makeup. You should perform it with patient and great care because it is like foundation on which you have to build the whole building.
How to Apply Cleansing Milk

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Cleansing Milk or cream is absolutely necessary for the skin protection because it helps to remove all the dust and other harmful particles from face. One should need to carefully apply the cleansing milk on face. Before applying cleansing milk face must be washed properly.
How to Apply Face Makeup

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Makeup of face is an art which is very important for females because it helps them to increase their beauty and develop their personality. One can improve his expertise in the art of face makeup only through experience and proper guidance.
Tips For Beautiful Skin

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It is said that “beauty lies in the eyes of the viewer” but along with the god-gifted beauty one has to make some efforts as well to look beautiful.
How to Apply Face Powder

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Face powder not only smoothens the skin but also gives a glowing or shining look to a woman’s face. For the sake of skin beauty and perfection face powders should be used.
Skin Whitening Tips

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At the start of summer season, every one seems worry for the color fairness of their skins. Especially, women use a lot of whitening creams and apply beauty tips on their skins during summer season.
Anti Aging Tips

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If you are over 40 years, you can't have a younger looking figure and a youthful face. Sadly we don't usually think about stopping the Aging Process until we're observing the direct effects.
Brown Spots on Face

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Our skin is one of our most valuable asset. It protects us from many different things and is a signal of How Well Our Health is. It even play a large role in defining How Beautiful We Are. Freckles are the small Brown Marks arising on the face and other sun exposed areas.
Pakistani Makeup

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Pakistani Makeup is a typical style makeup which differs according to skin complexion and time of the event in which you are going to participate. Makeup tips for morning, noon and night time ceremonies are different and if adopted, these tips can help you beautify your skin to the maximum.
Bad Skin Complexion

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Normally our complexion gets pale or faded due to abrupt fall in health or carelessness in diet. Our face grows pale also because of less sleeping hours, which effects badly upon liver system.
How to Make Face Beautiful and Attractive

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Face is considered to be the reflection of whole personality. When we see someone the first thing that we note is the facial beauty or the facial attraction of that particular person. The first and foremost factor in enhancing our personality is to take too much care of our face.
How to Get Rid of Oily Skin on Face Naturally

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The skin of our face turns oily when the Sebaceous Glands over excrete. There are many factors which lead to oily skin as; disorder in hormones, imbalanced diet and excessive use of cosmetics as well as involving hereditary factors.
How to Steam your Face

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Steaming is considered as the ancient way in enhancing your facial beauty. Through steaming, all the pores of your skin get deep cleansing and pimples, black heads and white heads are removed gently.