How to Apply Mascara ?


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The eyes are the most attractive feature of a woman. A woman with the good eye’s shape can proudly claim to be a beauty queen. Eyes make up have always been the most important aspect of women make up. Whenever we talk about the eyes make up the first and most important ingredient that comes in our mind is to apply mascara.

Mascara aims to make eye lashes color more prominent, which make the eyes look more prominent, attractive and beautiful. Applying mascara is an art because if it is not applied expertly it can easily ruin the beauty of the eyes. Here we will list down the easiest yet professional methods of applying mascara which will help you to apply mascara in a much better way.

How to apply mascara?

  • The most important and initial step of applying mascara in a good way is to choose mascara of a good brand. Remember eyes are the most sensitive part of the body a little mistake or choosing cheap brands can destroy your eyes. When you choose a mascara of a good band it is important to choose other make up material of good brand as well. As good mascara will not match ideally match with other face make up if it is not of a good brand and as the result all the makeup will be destroyed. The other makeup material of eyes that should be of good brand includes make up remover, waterproof mascara, eyelash comb, facial tissue and cotton swab.
  • Always choose the mascara colour that matches your make up for example of the colour of your lashes is red than brown mascara will ideally match.
  • Curl your eyelashes with a help of an eyelash curler. It is recommended to apply mascara before doing the rest of the makeup.
  • Always place the comb at the root of lashes and gently move the comb through the lashes. With every movement of a comb separate each eyelash gently to add slight colour. After the first round give your eyes little rest for at least ten minutes to give lashes enough chance to dry. After the rest repeat the same step again.
  • In the end gently run his comb in upper and lower lashes to match their colours. If there is any difference match it by stroking comb in them.
  • Once you have applied mascara remove unnecessary mascara around the eyes with the help of remover. Dip the cotton swab in remover and gently move it on the unnecessary mascara. Don’t remove it by using a tissue or finger.
  • Make sure to remove mascara before going to sleep at night. It is recommended to always apply mascara after applying eye shadows and eyeliner.

Applying Mascara Tips

How to apply mascara

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