Eyeliner Make Up Tips


Eye makeup plays a very important role in your look. Other than eye-shade, eyeliner and mascara also contribute towards beautifying your eyes and making them look more attractive. Eyeliner adds beauty to your eyes by outlining the shape of your eyelid. Whereas mascara adds strength and depth to your eyelashes glamorizing your entire look. Eyeliner and mascara can only enhance your look if applied properly. Tips for easier and quicker eyeliner and mascara application are stated below.

  • Eyeliner and mascara should always be applied in same shade. This creates a harmony in your eye makeup.
  • Eyeliner should always be applied from the inner side of eye lashes. At first, only a light line should be marked following the shape in accordance with your lash line. Then apply dashes around¬†eyelashes¬†and top eye lid and complete the first lining.
  • After getting done with the lining process, clean the eye liner brush. Check the application of your eyeliner closely. It should look proper and in order. If required, apply another coat starting from one end of eye towards nose.
  • After the proper application of eyeliner, prepare to apply mascara. Try to use mascara in the same color as your eyeliner. If not then you can opt for standard black color which is used commonly. Although these days along with colored eyeliners, colored mascaras are available in the market as well but black mascara is a standard and classic choice that goes with every type of clothing and makeup without standing out too much. If you do not want to experiment with your look, than without hesitation opt for black mascara.
  • For the application of mascara, you should always choose a quality brush. Do not try to use cheap products especially makeup brushes because they make direct contact with your skin and in this case, your eyelashes.
  • First, apply mascara on your eyelashes in downwards direction. Wait for it to get dry. Do not re-apply on an already wet layer, or it will harm your eye lashes. After it has dried, apply your second coat in a way that it adds more volume and length to your lashes and every single lash is visible as one.
  • Then, close your eyes and treat your upper and lower eye lashes with a brush collectively in a way so as to give them length and make them look dense. You can also apply talcum powder to your lashes before applying mascara, to give more life to them. This is required to give a more dramatic look.

Eye makeup can completely make your look or even destroy it so you should always invest in quality products and a fair amount of time in order to achieve better results.
How to Apply Eye Liner