Eye Makeup Tips: How to Apply Eye Makeup?


It is said that eyes indicate the antiquity of the soul. Eyes are the blessing of God and the most delicate part of the face as well. Eyes are known as a doorway to the soul that shows you inner beauty. Some people have drop dead gorgeous eyes but makeup can make them more gorgeous and beautiful. In this article we are giving you eye makeup tips so that you can make your eyes more pretty.
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Eye Shapes and Makeup
Makeup for wide eyes:
These types of eyes are more prominent on the face. Makeup of wide eyes is easy as compared to the other eyes shapes. Draw a line with eye pencil on the eye lid and apply eye shade slightly towards the nose. Apply eyeshade of dark color on the outer corner of the eye then apply light color eye shade on the inner corner and blend it with dark eye shade color.
Makeup for small eyes:
Women with small eyes want a makeup that makes their eyes to look wide. For small eyes start applying eye shade from inner corner of the eye. Use light color on the inner corner and dark color on the outer corner. Blend both colors and apply thin line of eyeliner on the complete eye lid. Don’t apply eye liner inside the eye. Apply light tone of eyeliner it makes your eyes to look wide and attractive. Eye makeup of small eyes is a little bit tricky, so be careful while doing small eyes makeup.
Makeup for deep eyes:
These types of eyes are considered as very beautiful eyes. You can make your eyes more beautiful by beautiful makeup. Apply light pink or any other light shade on the complete eyelid and apply eye lighter below the eyebrows. At the end apply eyeliner of the dark color on the eye.

Almond shape eyes:
Almond shaped eyes are common and considered as perfect shape. Blend of three tones of eye shades can make your eyes to look perfect. In west, makeup style of almond shape eyes is the same as of wide or big eyes. But it is a bit different in East. Apply Light but bright eye shade color tone with on the middle of the lid. Apply a neutral shade on the inner corner of the eye and dark shade on the outer corner of the eye to make your eyes more prominent.

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