Bridal Eye Makeup Tips in Urdu


Bridal Eye Makeup Tips

The bride is always the star of the event and it is the most important time of her life. To make her out of the league, it is very important that she wear a makeup and the look that is exclusively for her. Only an experienced, practicing and specialized beautician can make up the bride for the special day of her life. Eyes are the most important part of the face. Eyes makeup varies according to the shape of the face and eyes, dress color and some other factors. There are some important bridal eye makeup tips that you can use to make yourself looking heavenly.

  • Firsts of all take a bowl and pour some cold water in it. Dip your fingers in water and massage your eyes and the skin around the eyes gently for 2 -3 minutes. The most important step in the bridal eye makeup is the application of base eye shadow because it brightens the entire makeup that is applied later.
  • Dull golden colour is a perfectly suitable shade for base eye shade. Apply this color on the whole eye lid starting from inner corner of to eye to outward. Blend the shadow with the help of eye makeup brush to get an even look.
  • Start applying silver eye shadow, just below the eyebrows to give it a fine touch. Now your base is complete. The color combinations mostly used for eye makeup of a bride are maroon and black, red and deep purple or dark green and black. However, it is not necessary that you stick to these combinations because you can also choose the color in accordance to the color of your wedding dress. Apply black color on the outer corner of the eye; it is important to do specially for the people with small eyes. On the middle of the eye lid, apply maroon or dark green color and blend it with black color.
  • After applying eye shadow, then comes the application of artificial eye lashes. Eye lashes should be of prime quality to avoid the side effects. Apply a thin line of eye lashes gum on the eyelid then apply lashes.
  • Once you are done with eye lashes, apply a thin line of eye liner. But keep in mind that you should apply eye liner in single stroke otherwise it won’t look fine and the brush should be smooth and thin so that the line you draw should be sleek.
  • Mascara is very important to apply because it beautifies the eyes and make them to look stunning. Use dark brown mascara on the eye brows and you can use silver or golden highlighter in side or on the corner of the eye. It gives a broad, bright and wide look to your eyes.

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