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Eye Makeup

Eye Makeup

A good Eye Makeup makes you look stunning and ravishing. There are many ways to do Eye Makeup but the best is the one that suites your personality the best.

Eyeliner is used to darken the edges of the eyes while mascara gives a glowing touch to the eyes. Right application technique is needed to make effective use of eyeliner and mascara during makeup
Eyeliner enhances the beauty and attraction of eyes. In earlier times, women used to use Kohl or ‘Surma’ for this purpose. Though presently, the use of eyeliner has become so common not only because it is easy to apply
Most of us love bigger and prominent eye-catching eyes, but all are not rewarded by the God with same eye shape. The creator has created every single with his/her own different face structure and eye look so that we...
When we talk about makeup, particularly about makeup, the first and foremost ingredient that comes to our mind is to apply mascara. Application of Mascara enhances the beauty of eye lashes and make eye beautiful and attractive to much extent. The need of the hour is the selection of best brand mascara as if it’s of low quality, all the beauty of eye makeup would be faded.
Removing eye makeup is necessary for the women as quickly as possible because eyes are the sensitive parts of our body. Here are some useful tips about "how to remove eye makeup properly in Urdu".
Eyes are the most beautiful & eminent part of human face gifted by God. As for as the concern of Eye Lashes they not only play an important role in the protection of eyes but also make them more beautiful & charming.
Eyes reflect the whole personality of anyone as they are the most considerable part of our facial beauty. Almost all of the women long for beautiful eyes as they are also considered the tool of anyone get attracted. In order to enhance the beauty of eyes most of the ladies apply different cosmetics.
Eyes is the most impressive and sensitive part of our face. Eyes enhance our facial beauty, but if something goes wrong with eyes, the whole face gets hideous. It is necessary for both men and women to take too much care of eyes in order to cure from different diseases.
Eye shadows are necessary to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. Choosing the right color is the most important thing while applying eye shadows on your eyes.
For the exquisite beauty of a bride, a specialist makeup is necessary. A perfect beautician can make the bride up for a special day of her life.
How To Remove Dark Circles Dark circles around the eyes badly effect the natural beauty so we need to know How to remove dark circles. Eyes are very sensitive and the skin around the eyes is ten times thinner than...