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Wedding Day

Wedding Day is the most precious day in One’s Life. Everyone wishes that he or she looks pretty especially Women are conscious about this day. Mostly women confused because they don’t know what to choose? Weather a traditional look or a modern look? Today when Media has gone fast and new channels are coming with latest new bridal styles that look beautiful and elegant. Now every girl wants to look like them and try to go in an expensive parlor and take heavy treatments on their bridal day. But we ask why you don’t prepare yourself in home with an inexpensive tip? We are giving you some Bridal Makeup tips that really work’s.

Makeup Products:

Firstly you should know what makeup products you need in your home on your bridal day. Girls always think that Wedding or a Walima Day is both special that’s why they go parlors in those days. But we clear one thing that after taking a heavy treatment your skin doesn’t remain as soft or clean as before. So you should know about all the treatment that you take on your wedding day? Because perfect and healthy skin is best not for just only wedding day but also for the later days after marriage. Let’s take a tour of Makeup Products that you will need on your dream’s day.

  • Foundation
  • Pan cake (Matching with your skin Texture, Usually take one brown and the other is Pink or Golden)
  • Glowing Eyeshades
  • Blush On (Pink, Orange or Light Brown)
  • Eye Lashes
  • Eye Liner
  • Mascara
  • Lipstick (Match with bridal Dress or in a Pink shade with a shiny Lip gloss)
  • Bronzers
  • Counselors
  • Hair Spray/ Gel

How to Apply Makeup

Makeup is not as easy as you taking and not as difficult as you think. Because applying a makeup need some special care and art. We are providing you some makeup tips but it totally depends upon you that how you apply makeup? You should do some other works before applying makeup.

  • Firstly, make your eye brows by your face shape that looks beautiful.
  • Apply brown Foundation equally so it makes your skin texture same, and if your face has dark circles or spots then apply Counselors. It hides your face spots and dark circles. If you have fair skin then applies light brown foundation instead of Dark brown.
  • After applying first foundation then apply second foundation in a pink or a golden shade whatever you think best. Pink foundation gives your face a nice and modern look and Golden Shade gives your face shiny and traditional look. Apply Foundation also on your lips, so, when you apply lipstick you can make your lips shape easily.

Eye Makeup:

Firstly, apply a golden eye shadow on your eyelids. If your eyes are big then spread golden color just on your eyelids but not expand it outside from your eyes. If you have small eyes then apply golden shade on your eyelids making a “V” shape with expanded from your eyes. Now apply matching shade with your dress but just half below on your eyes. Don’t spread it on your full eyelids it makes your eyes prominent. Apply eyeliner and mascara and if your eyelashes are small then use artificial eyelashes.


Apply liquid lipstick on your lips firstly for making an outline and then make the filling of the lips with matching lipstick. And if you need shiny and glossy lips then apply matching lip gloss with lipstick. It gives shiny look to your lips.

Blush On:

Apply Blush On directly towards the nose. If your face is thin then apply blush on from outside to inside style and if your face is broad then apply blush on opposite.

Hair Style:

For making a hairstyle it is bit difficult to understand that how to give a beautiful style to your hairs. Chignon is the best hairstyle for brides and it looks beautiful. It makes by pinning the hair into a knot at the nape of the neck and also the back of the head. Gather your all hair and make a ponytail. Now take a small section from your ponytail and rolling in around your head. Taking other section of hair and wrapping the section of rounded hair in a manner that it covers and hide all your rounded hair. Now your chignon is ready. You can also decorate it with a rose that’s look beautiful.
Now a beautiful bride is ready for her day dream.

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