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What is Breast Cancer ?

by Urdumania


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One of the most common types of cancer found in the world is breast cancer. Breast cancer is a type of cancer which affects women. According to research, a large part of the world’s women population is the victim of this type of cancer. First, it is important to understand what exactly breast cancer is. It is actually a type of cancer in which a dangerous tumour develops in the breast cells of the women. These tumours gradually spread to many other parts of the body and are the cause of death to the individuals who are victims of this serious medical condition.

Breast cancer is also known as Breast Carcinoma in medical jargon. It is a lethal tumour which spreads from the cells of the breast to different other cells of the body. Breast cancer is marked by the formation of dangerous and lethal tumours known as malignant tumours  The formation of these malignant tumours occurs in the form of groups of tumours, which are not only found in women, but in men as well.

In United States of America, a large number of women suffer from skin cancer. This cancer spreads and takes the form of breast cancer. It is one of the major causes of gradually increasing death rate among the women of USA. Women between the ages of 34 years and 54 years have a higher risk of falling prey to this type of cancer, which can prove to be lethal and life taking for them. Therefore, women who fall in this category must be wary and should carry out regular breast examinations in order to discover tumours in the early stage of their formation. It is easy to treat breast cancer in its early stages before it inevitably spreads to other organs and tissues of the body.

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A malignant tumour which forms in breast cancer proves to be harmful for the DNA. It spreads internally in the breasts and usually is not identified at very early stages. This happens when the tumour breaks off from the primary lump.

The components of a breast are ducts and lobules. Usually, cancer affects the ducts. Cancer of the lobules is not that common among women. Breast cancer can spread to several other parts of the body, including the bones and liver.

The genes which are responsible for the occurrence of breast cancer in an individual are PAL B2, RAD50, ATM, BARD1, BRIP1, CHEK2, DIRAS3, ERBB2, NBN as well as RAD51.

It is necessary to diagnose breast cancer during its early stages because once it affects other parts of the body, it is not only difficult, but almost impossible to treat it. Regular visits to your family doctor and self-examination of the breasts should be a part of every woman’s normal routine.

What is Breast Cancer