Best Weight Loss Exercises for Women

Today we will write about the weight loss exercises for women. There are many exercises for obese or overweight women, who wish to reduce body fat and stay in shape. The intensity and type of exercise mainly depends upon how much weight they have gained. For moderately overweight, there is light workout for 20 to 30 minutes daily.

On the other hand, extremely obese women need to do strenuous exercises which are termed “high intensity interval training” (HIIT). An ideal weight loss exercise is a combination of cardio, weight exercises and core strengthening exercises, which work together to achieve weight loss goals especially for women, who are extremely obese.

Weight Loss Exercises for Women:

Here are some best exercises for women. Make sure you do them on an empty stomach or at least 45 minutes before any meal.

Jump-Ups on a Bench or Trampoline

This is an incredibly simple as well as effective way of doing cardio exercise. It’s not only fun but also helps shed pounds drastically if you do it for half an hour every day. Use bench jump up and down with both feet as fast as possible. Repeat jumps continuously for one minute. It increases heart activity, creating some oxygen deficit that in turn helps in fat loss.

Walking or Running on a Treadmill

This is one of the best and the most popular exercises to reduce weight among women. It works quickly and is also healthy. By increasing blood circulation during walk or running on a treadmill, your body is toned, muscles get stronger and extra fat deposits are decreased rapidly. Increase your speed steadily. For extremely obese women, using treadmill for a few minutes won’t work at all. They must do rigorous and high-intensity workout to get good results. Light stroll or jogging is not an ideal exercise for such women. When you exert pressure on body muscles and fat, it reduces drastically.

Step Aerobics

This is one of the most widely used weight loss exercises among women because it is easy to do and can be done indoors. It helps them sweat, causing accelerated heart rate, which in turn helps reduce weight. Aerobics are an ideal activity for women desperate for weight loss. It not only decreases unnecessary body fat but also helps maintain weight. Whether you want to tone legs, butts, hips or tummy, do aerobics 45 minutes five days a week and see the results.

Stationary Biking

Another effective exercise women can do indoors is using a stationary bike. They can increase the speed gradually. It invigorates you completely causing increased blood circulation and boosting metabolic rate. It focuses on lower body fat such as of legs and thighs.

Lift Weights for Muscle Toning

Make a combination of different exercises for best results. Weight lifting is also another way to tone muscles, making them flexible, lean and firm. Do it in consultation with your instructor, who will recommend appropriate weights, considering your body weight and requirement.


Swimming is one of the best and the most effective exercises for women who want to lose weight. It involves activity of all body muscles and organs thus helps decrease fat rapidly. It’s good if you have a pool at home and get the opportunity to swim regularly. Those, who don’t have it can join fitness center, where they can learn swimming and do it on regular basis. It can be thoroughly refreshing activity especially in Summer.

Skipping Rope

It works similar to jumping on a bench or a treadmill, and allows you burn fats quickly. So, get a rope and begin with your skipping routine.

Choose exercises that suit you the best and do them regularly.

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