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Fruits and Vegetables

The health benefits of fruits and vegetables are given here to help you know about how you can keep your physical and facial fitness alive by consuming them.
Papaya Fruit Benefits

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Health benefits of Papaya fruit are great. This papaya fruit is rich in its benefits to our health, especially it is the best fat burning agent. Papaya fruit also boast some medicated qualities as if it is used with rose water in case of vomiting, the patient would automatically get relieved of it.
Benefits of Mango

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This is a very informative articles going to elaborate the benefits and advantages of using mangoes. Mango is the King of all fruits and its scientific name is Manejifer Indica. It is very delicious and tasty fruit. Everyone loves to eat mango.
Health Benefits and Medicinal Uses of Jambolan

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Jamun Fruit in English: Jambolan Jambolan is a delicious fruit with sweet & sour taste. Jambolan (Jamun or Jambo) is not only a delicious fruit,...
Health Benefits of Coriander

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Dhaniya or Coriander is a herb famous for adding taste to different dishes. Coriander is also used in different ways for different purposes such as: in making sauces, for the prevention of hepatitis and in relieving from vomiting.
Peach Fruit Health Benefits

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Peach is a delicious fruit with enormous beneficial power. This sweet & sour fruit also work on our body as an anti-biotic in the treatment of different ailments caused due to exhausting heat. The oil of its seeds is beneficial against deafness.
Health Benefits of Eating Kachnar

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Eating Kachnar is counted beneficial for our health as this vegetable is blessed with countless advantages. Orchid tastes really very good when cooked with addition of mutton or chicken and its pickle is also supposed to be nutricious for stomach.
Health Benefits of Pea

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Nature has blessed us with a huge list of nutritious vegetables with different taste and miracle effects. Among these vegetables some are considered dominant and pea or mutter is one of them with delicious taste and benefits.
Jujube Fruit Health Benefits

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We are familiar to this fruit by the name of Bair fruit in Urdu language which is basically of three types different in size and taste. If we call it a secondary alternate of apple, it is absolutely right.
Health Benefits of Karela Bitter Gourd

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Bitter Melon is a supreme vegetable with spanking benefits for our health. Karela or Bitter Melon is usually used for the cure of some diseases. It is regarded as the best vaccine for diabetes and constipation.
Tamarind Health Benefits

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Tamarind is normally known by the name of Imli in Urdu that functions as an appetizer in summer season. Tamarind is also used as anti bio-tic supplement in high fever, vomiting and disordered heart beat. It can also be applied on acne skin for pimple prevention.
Health Benefits of Bananas

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When we think about a fruit boasting lots of vitamins, the first name of a fruit that strikes our mind is Banana that is blessed with vitamin A, B and E. Banana itself is the alternative of a complete balanced diet which not only makes us healthy and strong, but also prevents us from some particular diseases.
Health Benefits of Carrots

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Carrot or Gajar has number of uses in our life. This only vegetable is also used as fruit, we can also make its pickle, it is a root vegetable and its juice is commonly used to avail nutrition’s. Carrot is basically found in three colors; white, red and dark maroon and sweet dishes are also cooked of carrot.
Loquat Fruit Benefits

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Loquat is famously known summer fruit. This fruit is blessed with so many nutritious and healthful benefits. Loquat banishes exhausting affects of summer and brings freshness to life. Initially, it was brought from Europe by the Europeans and these days found in abundance in Bangladesh.
What are the Health Benefits of Potatoes

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Potatoes is an excessively used vegetable in the world. This is the only vegetable that keeps too much nutritions even if eaten after boiling simply. Potatoes reduces the weakness of our body and makes it powerfully strong.