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Diseases are of various sorts and everyone goes through them at every stage of life. However, not all the health concerns are diseases. Infections and allergies cannot be considered as such and are treated differently. Given are the details of different common diseases, how to avoid them and in case they happen, how to treat them without much professional help. Read articles about Common Diseases Below.
Cough Remedies

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Cough is the viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory system in which an explosive sound of air comes from lungs when the glottis opens.
Heart Disease and Blood Pressure

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Blood pressure is the word that you may hear from people around you on ordinary level. Upon listening to this word it seems that...
Heart Disease and Depression

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Heart disease is a common problem now. Majority of people face this problem in this and age because of many prevailing factors that the...
Earache Remedies

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Earache is a problem which can be very irritating and painful. When it happens it distorts your entire life and routine and you are...
Heart Disease from Smoking

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All my readers who are into smoking need to read this article and I want their attention focused right here to what I am...

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Kidney stones are small masses that are formed in the kidney. A stone is actually formed by tiny crystals in your kidney and they...
Ear Infections

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Ear infection is one of those health concerns that can occur any time. Ear being one of the most sensitive parts of the body has its own natural mechanism for infection prevention.
Low Blood Pressure

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When person’s Systolic pressure falls below normal then blood pressure also falls and when blood pressure falls below normal, less blood circulates to the...
Causes and Symptoms of Dehydration

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Water holds vital importance in human life. Human body is composed of 70% water. Our body utilizes water while inhaling, in keeping the body...
Jaundice: Causes, Symptoms and Side Effects

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Hepatitis is a fatal disease caused by virus and a debatable topic to talk. Hepatitis is more active in the season of autumn and...
Swine Flu Symptoms, Treatment, Causes

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Many types of viral diseases have been taking their toll in the histories to destroy the health of children and adults around the globe....
Blood Sugar Levels Symptoms and Treatments

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Blood Shoogar or Blood Glucose is a disease in which the amount of glucose rises or decreases in the blood. The normal level of glucose in the blood is 20 to 70. Blood Sugar or Blood Glucose in Urdu explains, how can we control this disease naturally or through other methods.
Bird Flu Virus Symptoms and Causes

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Bird Flu is a viral disease and it is caused by three types of Viruses like A, B Or C. Virus A affects animals...
Diarrhea Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

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Diarrhea is a disease of stools which can hit elders as well as children. This disease is common among the children and in severe cases the patient may pass away. Diarrhea is call "Dast Ki Bemari" in Urdu language.