Top 7 Treatments for Dry and Damaged Hair

Are you worried because of brittle and rough hair that are difficult to manage, giving a clumsy appearance? Do you think trimming is the only solution, every time they start breaking off? Now you don’t need to try this only because experts have offered many ways that can help manage damaged hair. Some of the methods give temporary results and others work on permanent basis. Environmental conditions, heat treatments, bleaching, unhealthy dietary habits, drying and harsh hair care products can be a major cause.

1. Protein Treatment

These treatments reform damaged hair on a temporary basis and range from mild to strong core strengthening. Lifeless hair can become soft, smoother and supple.

2. Moisturizing Conditioner

It is an excellent product to manage dry and damaged hair. It’s hydrating effect can solve the problem to a great extent.

Moisturizing masks and steaming is another great way to let moisture penetrate deep in the hair cuticles. It helps make them soft and shiny.

3. Keratin Treatment

To restore extremely damaged hair, a keratin treatment is ideal. It reforms and renews keratin cells by removing the dead ones to make hair stronger and flexible.

Method: With a special shampoo, dirt or pollutants in hair are removed and then a keratin solution is applied with a brush. A protective mask is used to cover hair entirely. The whole process may take four days. After treatment is over, you are recommended to use mild shampoos that are devoid of sodium chloride. This is a treatment giving long-term results.

4. Egg Shampoo

It is highly nourishing for dry and damaged hair. To apply it, rinse off hair thoroughly, rub this shampoo gently all over the area. Wash with water and pat dry using a towel. Avoid combing wet hair because they are delicate and can break off easily. You can use a conditioner comb.

5. Olive Oil Massage

This is excellent organic oil for damaged hair. Applying on regular basis can help treat the problem permanently. Massage it all over the scalp to let it enter the hair roots and help them reform damage. You can also use other natural oils as well.

6. Avoid Heat Exposure

Don’t get treatments that use heat because they can weaken hair roots causing severe breakage and damage. Skip the use of blow dryer, roller, straightener and other tools that heat up the hair. Excessive use of them can lead to serious problems. Some women are obsessed with getting such hair treatments even when they don’t really need them. Many of them using hair straighteners normally have naturally straight hair but they want their hair to become shinier, sleek and supple apparently. But the result can be devastating especially if they are having such treatments excessively.

7. Skip Harsh Products

Using shampoo or commercial hair tonics and styling gels too often can also cause a trouble. It makes hair rough, brittle and damaged. Hair dyes have strong chemicals and bleaches that have an adverse effect.Go for herbal or natural products instead like hair oils and protein treatments, which help restore natural beauty.


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