Suzuki Mehran 2010 Review
Suzuki Mehran 2010 Review

Suzuki Mehran

Mehran VX: Rs. 481,000/-
Mehran VX CNG: Rs. 533,000/-
Mehran VXR: Rs. 534,000/-
Mehran VXR CNG: Rs. 584,000/-
Suzuki Mehran Review
Suzuki Mehran Prices


  1. Suzuki waly sirf Awaam ko loot rahy hain, Suzuki Mehran k about 5 Lac ley rahy hain or us mein dety kya hain….???
    Na uski finishing, na uski koi chez salamat, na luxury….aakhir kyun itny pesy charge kr rahy hain…???
    Even aap new Mehran lo or dekho us mein se b kitny fault nikalty hain…
    Suzuki waly choorr hain sirf…. Inko Mehran Max. 3 Lac se ooper nahi deni chahiye…
    Wesy inko Mehran Khattarra 90,000/- mein tyar ho kr milti hai…or yeh ooper dekh lo kitna charge krty hain…


  2. you are absolutely right zohaib, “aik machli saara talaab ganda ker deti he”.

    Suzuki is doing bullshit in Pakistan, 30 years old model carrying nothing, how cheap is this, you are increasing price every year with now change or addition to model? Just give a briefcase to Zardari Dog and thats it.

    Shame on you Suzuki.

  3. suzuki waly begairat hy.i have bought mehran last month now it is selling in just 3.5 lacs. how cheap this company iz. LANTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

  4. ap sab ki her baat thik hai…. lkn asal masla ye hai k Pakistan me kon nahi loot raha hai? hum sab ki majboori hai k jo bechara sasti car lena chahta hai us k paas mehran k ilawa kuch bhi nahi hai

  5. bhai app logo nai pasnd to na lo mehran wasy imported cars a rahi hai pakistan mehran ko koi nai pochay ga

  6. bhai ma suzuki mehran auto parts ka kaam karta ho agar kisi k pas mehran k parts ki mukamal list ho to plz mjy is email kary.(

  7. i want to purchase suzuki mehran modle 2011 plz guide me about latest price at suzuki motors d i khan plz also tell me the latest price

  8. guys here in Pak, the biggest problem there is no one to ask Suzuki directors about pricing issues….

    i just checked the prive of Honda CRV in Pak, it 55 lac something,,,
    but in usa it cost 21 thousand dollars, in Pak rupess it’s 18 lac, honda is charging tripple amount of money in Pak.

  9. Hello guys. Got a pretty good Suzuki Mehran VX 2006 CNG in white colour. My demand is 460000. Islamabad registered. Anyone interested can contact at 03319753125

  10. I am buying suzuki mehran today. I am very excited. Please guide me that I should buy it or not. I also know that there would be nothing like CNG system. finishing, locks, cover, A.C,. It is a rikshaw I would make it a car.

  11. Dear Brothers and sisters, It is matter of great shame for us that in this modern era suzuki is keeping us deprived from all the innovations and technical advancement. I am not surprised that the first Alto(Mehran) I saw was in 1989, and then the brand name became Mehran. If you observe closely the initial moded of Mehran had heating problems. Later it was resolved to some extent.
    (Issue# 1) I will make it short because I can write a lot for this good but outdated model of suzuki brand. First of all on automobiles what is most important aspect of vehicle are the brakes. Mehran has the most stupid brake of all times. Thes morons in suzuki can not even provide the Mehran with a servo Bosster system. I have driven my Mehran for almsot 4 yers approx, and I installed one servo from open market. A small servo which came in yellow scheme Alto(660cc). The brake was splended, just needed little adjustments in the brake padle, and the other issue was the brake fluid bottle it use to rub with the air cleaner.
    (Issue# 2)The Rear leaf Supension is rubbish to be used now as all the modern day cars manufacturers are using coil springs.
    (Issue#3)The engine Mountings of Mehran are also pethatic. I have seen most of the Mehrans engine are not balanced at all.(People with technical know how will understan what am I trying to say)The engine is mounted partly on the front gadry and partly on the middle gadry. Now the front gadry has two slots available for balance rod fitting which is the most important aspect as far as safety of the vehicle is concerned. As the front tyres are controlled by those two smll rubber bush. After a year or two you will observe that these rubber bush requir frequent replacemnt, the worst of all is the bolts which mount the balance rod bush get free and you need to visit the dentor for some serious maintenace.
    (Issue#4)Lets talk about Gear. Mehran has a reasonbly good gear, but problem is quality of the Gear. If u closely observe the gear levers, you will be disappointed again. The Gear lever Mechanism near driver is quite close to the exhaust pipe and with the passage of time its rubber bush dry up and the gear lever gives a bad dry noise when you shift the gears, for solution you need to keep the levers lubricated manually with oil frequently.
    (Issue#5) As we all know that Mehran had Air conditioning Issues from the begining. In old models there were four vents for cool air to be blown into the cabin, but some stupid engineer gave the idea and more stupidly thes suzuki Mehran team accepted it and closed the two vents for A/C leaving only two spaces for vent in the middle of the Dashboard.
    (Issue#6)There is something else which requires attention, If you sit in the driving seat and closely observe that some good work has been done to lower the steering column for good long driving, but stupid engineer was not able to adust the space between the speedo metre column and the steering console. The space looks awfully bad as somenoce made the change and did not thing of outcome and steering column presentation.
    I can write a lot more but this should be taken as a healthy criticism, These dull heads in suzuki can make the history and make some practial changes in mehran and catch all the market of pakistan. Now question is why people buy it. The answer is that these bastards are so lucky because of the economic condition of the country. Normaly people who buy new car for the first time in their life they buy Mehran. Then rent a car people go for Mehran as well, because they dont care about standards or any thing else. Most importantly there is no competetor in the marketa and there will be not in the coming decade. Now suzuki is enjoying monoply and they will keep on enjoying it. Only thing I can say at the end is that our country is governed or ruled in sense the way british once said. “If you hand over a gun to a monky, then what will be the outcome you can understand”

  12. suzuki mmahran zero metar bhi lo to us main bhot c khrabeyan hoti hain bhot c.aur is ka aang aang halta ha. is sa acha to 70 cc bike ha .mahran ka agar a.c laga ho to bilkul chalna ka namhi ni lati 60 sa bhi opar nnahi jati.nan is ki koi body ha. nan is main d.v.d lagana ki jaga ha dash bord cheer k d.v.d lagani parti ha. kuch bhi ni ha suzuki. 03426066689


  14. its all about the monopoly. you can have so many good options in mehran’s price if u r not buying a car in pakistan.indian mehran(maruti) is now equipped with EFI engine,giving 20 to 24 practical kilometers in a liter of petrol.saadi 12 kilometer de de tay khush hunay phirnay waan….shame on Pakistani government.
    a country having fuel crises is not having EFI engine in mostly used car.


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