Sunstroke Symptoms
Sunstroke Symptoms

Summers in Pakistan are longer than winters and very hot i.e. temperature cross 46?c in the months of June and July. In summers, due to heat body temperature and the blood circulation increases. People avoid going outside in summers because of the heat that reduces the energy level and other bad effects on the health.

Children and women are more sensitive than men and have less power to fight with the intensive heat. When the intensity of heat increasing then your ability to bear the heat, it causes sunstroke; a condition in which your brain failed to control the body temperature. Sunstroke is the result of the failure of temperature control system because of being overheated by the exposure to the sun and in this condition chances of death are increased.

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Read about Sunstroke below, also Treatment, Precautions, and Symptoms of Sunstroke are mentioned below in the Urdu language.
SunstrokeSunstroke Symptoms Precautions and Treatment
There is a minor different between “heat stroke” and “sunstroke” because of that majority of the people thought that these two are same. Heat stroke is a state in which the body temperature increase to the limit of 104 F caused due to the long hours of work in the hot environment. Due to the heat stroke, the patient can suffer from heart failure or sudden death whereas the heat exhaustion occurs when people spend long hours under the direct heat of the sun. Sunstroke is more serious condition than both of above strokes.

One has to take immediate action to control the temperature and this article is written to guide you about what to do for the control.

Symptoms of Sunstroke

  • Dry and hot skin is one of the initial symptoms.
  • Your body stops sweating and because of that, you body could not get the cooling effect.
  • You have to feel difficulty in respiration.
  • Increased bold circulation and temperature.

Home Remedies for Sunstroke

  • Protect yourself from heat and avoid going outside especially from 1 – 5 pm.
  • If you are going outside in sun, you should wear a cap or cover your head with an umbrella.
  • Drink as much water as you can to keep the temperature under control.
  • Drink juices of fruits and vegetables like mint, watermelon and mango shake. It helps to reduce the temperature and gives you energy.
  • Take good care of diet; eat food that is rich in proteins and vitamin-like green vegetables, apple, and other fruits.
  • Try to walk in shady areas and take bath daily to keep yourself in a good physical state.



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