Smokey Eye Makeup Tips
Smokey Eye Makeup Tips

Make up styles like other fashions and trends keep on changing; they give birth to lots of new makeup styles, ranging from smoky to clean to nude and many other styles. Women always keep on searching the best style of eye makeup because eyes are the most prominent part of the face that affect your personality. Another reason of existence of different eye makeup is the different shapes of the eyes, which need different colors to be applied in different ways. It also depends on the choice of the person that what type of eye look she wants to have. Smoky eye makeup is the one of the glamorous styles, which suits to the women of every age. It gives an instant change to the eyes and to your looks as well. In this article, we describe the easy steps for smokey eye makeup for your convenience.


Primer, which is also named as eyeshadow base, application is the first step of eye makeup. Apply it on the eyelid and on the skin near eyes then blend it to get an even skin tone.

Eye shadow:

After primer, apply eye shadow of dark grey color that should have shiny effect. Apply this color on the complete eyelid then draw a line with the help of shadow pencil this pencil should be of dark color than the eye color you have already applied. It provides a soft touch to the eyes. Blend it with the eye shadow with the help of finger or eye makeup brush but prefer to use brush for neat look.

Use of colors:

There is a need to apply eye colors with care because dark colors are used in smoky makeup. You can also use silver color on the eyelid but do not apply it on the outer corner of the crease. Smoky eye makeup can be of dark blackish shade or the grayish shade, which shade you choose is up to you.

Smoky touch and blending:

To give your eyes a actual smoky touch apply dark grey or black eyeshadow on the outer crease of the eye till the mid of the eye brow bone then start to blend from the eyelash line and don’t forget to merge the eye color with the eye pencil line.

Eyeliner and mascara:

Second last step of the eye makeup is to apply a line of liquid eyeliner, which should be draw with single stroke then apply two coats of mascara in the end. Through these steps, women can apply smokey eye makeup for parties or any sort of evening get togethers.

Read below the smokey eye make up tips in Urdu language. Smokey EyesSmokey Eye Makeup


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