Today we use tea regularly as part of our diet. Some 50000 years ago tea was first used in China as medicine. There are some side effects of tea i.e. use of caffeine in tea is harmful for the Central Nervous System and cause many diseases. Excessive use of tea is harmful for the kidneys and stomach. Presence of Tannin in tea also causes many problems of stomach. In conclusion we can say that although tea is good hot drink but its excessive use is detrimental for health.
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Side Effects of Black Tea in Urdu Language

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  1. I have read all the side effects but please kindly want to know how many cups of tea I can drink per day as I am a tea lover . But Also want to save myself from health problem . So, kindly tell me how many cups of tea I can take per day.

  2. Hello,
    I readyour article about chai ka muzir asrat. Whos research is this>? I dont find who studied it and wrote all this. I am not agree with most of it. please dont provide wrong information about any subject.

  3. excess of every thing is bad…..chae k kitne cup peena nashee mn shumar nhi hote depend krta ha mousam pr or ¬†apki sehat pr….chae ka ik cup peene ka mutlb ha apki body 2 glass pani tk dehydrate hogae ha,islye apko recovr krne k lye 2 gless pani normal routine se zyada chahyen…….jb k thori quantity mn tea beneficail b hoti ha.