Quit Smoking in Natural Ways

Do you really want to quit smoking in natural ways?

Well, congratulations!!!

You have made a good decision.

Smoking is known as one of the five socially accepted drugs worldwide. People start smoking for various reasons but unfortunately only few can find a way to come back as nicotine is an addictive drug and it is really hard to quit when you have a strong addiction, but of course nothing in impossible.

There are different jokes like “one who can quit smoking can quit anything”


“One who can ditch cigarette can ditch anyone”

But always remember that quitting smoking is a good decision and we all know that smoking is very injurious to health. It can cause lungs and mouth cancer. Smoking is injurious for not only smokers but also for people who are beside smokers and are inhaling smoke through breathing. Smoking is banned for people under 18 but mostly people get addicted before the appropriate age. when talking about smoking we should not forget about sheesha smoking that has made many people addicted even before the age of 14. It is said that smoking one sheesha is equal to smoking 100 cigarettes.

Well that is horrifying… isn’t it?

About Sheesha Smoking:

Sheesha smoking or flavored Huqqa is a new trend in society. In sheesha, a smoker breathes through a pipe connected to a bowl of water. Tobacco is burnt on the top and contains different fruit flavors which create an aromatic feeling for the smoker. Sheesha smokers are at the same health risks like a cigarette smoker. The only difference is, they are hundred times more at risk than normal smoker as told earlier that one-hour session of sheesha is equal to inhaling more than 100 cigarettes at a time and this addiction is hard to break.

Before talking about quitting cigarette we should know how long the addiction takes to break itself?

Well, you can just quit but the cravings of nicotine will be at the peak after 72 hours of quitting and it takes from about 3 to 4 months for a person’s brain to accept and return to normal. This little time is worth your life so why not to give it a try.

Here are some of the easy and natural ways that might help you

Easy and Natural Ways to Quit Smoking:

1. Prepare Yourself

Be a warrior and get yourself prepared to fight against evil nicotine addiction. For this, you need a strong emotion of really feeling like quitting and throwing this evil out of you.

2. Motivate Yourself

Throwing out nicotine addiction might be a pressure on your nerves in some situations so get yourself motivated first. Once you have decided, strong will power can make you do anything.

With motivation and urge to quit you are only a step away from quitting.

3. Just Quit

Stay strong and quit smoking. Decision made should be acted upon. Preparation and motivation will help you in staying strong. Now time for action.

4. Throw Cigarette Out

Once you have decided not to smoke, you should stay firm on your decision. Take all cigarettes out of your reach. Think that you are throwing out memories of your darling cigarette that is gone, trust us you will feel better. This always help. A cigarette within your reach can shake your motivation or put pressure on your mind to accept and kiss the darling again. So the formula “out of sight, out of mind” will work positively.

5. Surround Yourself With Nonsmokers

Stay away from those who can offer you the evil again. Nonsmokers will keep you distracted and you will feel positive vibes. Smokers will only awake the urge in you.

6. Make List of What Might Push You Towards Smoking

Honestly make a list of what can motivate you back to, smoke again as some people think smoking as an anti-depressant and some have the habit to smoke before meals. A list of all these things can actually tell you about your weaknesses that you have to push away from you.

7. Find Alternates and Substitutes

Some people feel satisfied with the urge of smoking when they get a suitable substitute.

You might start chewing gum or take a cup of green tea.

Keep yourself hydrated. Citrus juices also break nicotine addiction.

Get coffee or chocolate as sudden nicotine rejection can cause jitters.

Find the alternate work to pass your time. You may go out for a walk or exercise. You can also divert yourself with games. Just simply start playing a game on your mobile or computer and get a distraction.

8. Tell Your Friends and Colleagues

Tell your friends and coworkers that you have quit smoking. Their encouragement will bring more motivation and you will feel charge up against the nicotine fight again.

9. Pat Yourself

You deserve a little cheering from your inner self about the bravery you have just done. No doubt you deserve a reward. Take yourself to a treat. Gift yourself a spa massage or you can even say thank you to a person in the mirror for making you a strong person.

10. Never Lose Hope

If you failed, don’t give up and start again.

Never give up hope and remember you are a warrior who has to win anyway and many people took about 10 times before actual quitting so pack your bags again to get ready for nicotine fight.

This time we are going to take the fight to a new level. And yes we will win!!!


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