Load Shedding In Pakistan


Since the time, Pakistan appeared on the map of the world, this country has faced some of the gravest challenges. And power shortage is the one which has paralyzed the country in contemporary times. This challenge has been unsurpassable so far by our self-proclaimed honest leaders.
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Load Shedding

Load Shedding In Pakistan

Our homes, offices, factories etc largely depend upon the continuous supply of electricity. Whereas electricity is just like a souvenir in this massive country of 180 million people. The situation is becoming worse with every passing day when people are not only facing electricity shortage but also gas shortage. As the electricity shortage is increasing, the rate of unemployment is also rising alarmingly. There is a widespread mistrust among the local and international investors, and for this reason Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) has touched the lowest mark in history. Another backdrop of this widespread issue is the economic regression. According to the 2010-2011 economic survey the fiscal deficit was 5.9 percent in and 1.1 percent of GDP for the three months ending September 30 which is very high comparing to other South Asian Countries. Also, the factory owners, mill owners and other industrial tycoons are shifting their business to some other neighboring countries. This is a big threat to our labor community which may suffer poverty and starvation.
In many cities people are protesting this load shedding but there is not response from the government except lame excuses and fake promises. We can solve this issue within a year or two by adopting the following lucrative and feasible measures.
1. Importing 1000 MW from Iran may only ease the pressure on the national grid but domestic sources are more reliable and long lasting. For this end, the extension of Tarbela Dam, construction of Bhasha Dam, installation of Solar Panels, setting up wind energy mills and installation of small hydral power plants is a the way out of it.
2. Chinese electricity provision offer should be availed to increase the input of electricity in our national grid. Also, pilferage of electricity needs to be stopped at all levels. One more solution is to acknowledge the people what our country needs at this time. This is the proper and efficient usage of electricity.

These solutions have been repeatedly told to the people and government through every forum but the efficacy of this cannot be felt until we do not implement these measure at all possible levels. Otherwise ignorance has never been tolerated by the nature.



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