Foreign Policy of Pakistan


Pakistan has always been survived under the pressure of super power countries. Foreign policy of Pakistan was always weakened to allow the foreign countries to interrupt in the important concerns of our country. American Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has warned Pakistan in her speech, that Pakistan should end the agreement with Iran about the gas pipeline project. Otherwise, Pakistan will have to face the pressure of America and the aid money will not be provided in 2013. She also stated that the economical condition of Pakistan is already worst and the aim of Pakistan is clearly understandable through the joint venture project of gas pipeline. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s foreign minister Hina Rabbani Khar simply neglected the warning of Hillary Clinton and said, “Pakistan will continue its cooperation with Iran”. Her brave comments in her speech gave us a new hope to take Pakistan at peak horizons and to develop with proud. But when we ponder over the current critical situation of our country, relations with both countries (America and Iran) are of equal importance. Gas load shading in Pakistan is increasing constantly, so the gas pipeline project is very important. On the other hand, Pakistan also can’t ignore America’s warning. In another speech, Hina Rabbani Khar also mentioned that Pakistan’s foreign policy is in the benefit of its nation. She also said if the nation’s security is threatened with any danger, the NATO supply will be disconnected immediately, as was disconnected before, after the Chaklala airbase incident. Pakistan has been trying to make good relations with America since 11 years. Since the America Afghanistan battle has started, Pakistan has lost 4000 innocent lives as the result of drone attacks. For more details in Urdu about the foreign policy of Pakistan, concern the content below.
Pakistan's Foreign Policy



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