Which Business is Most Profitable in Pakistan? Tips in Urdu


There are several businesses which can be profitable in Pakistan like real state, food business, mobiles business etc. But out of these the most profitable business in Pakistan, is related to food. Mobiles business is also on the rise now days. Read the following article in Urdu to take a clue about starting a business.
It is a common question by most of us that which business should be started or adopted in Pakistan to enjoy maximum profits and secure financial needs as well. This is a tough and very difficult question to answer. Thousands of people do the business of their own type, desire and passion and become the billionaires. This success depends on the nature of business, you capabilities, luck and the trend of market. Many multi-national companies are making billions of dollars from Pakistan despite of its bad economic conditions. These companies include cellular phone companies, telecommunication service providers, famous food restaurants and multinational banks. More over there are many Pakistani families which are considered among the most rich of world but their nature of business are completely different. They are in the businesses of food, transport, computer technology, or steel mills etc. That’s how it has become very difficult to choose one business out of many in Pakistan.
From the investment and success survey reports, some businesses which are considered maximum in potential are food business on the top. Investing in this business is considered as the safest. A research has also shown that food businesses have made many families billionaire. And in Pakistan there is huge increasing potential in food business because of fast increasing population and trends towards outdoors. That is why food business is considered best in this time. Poultry farming is also linked with food industry which is also a successful business in Pakistan. According to economists this business is 7 times profitable than its investment. There is huge amount of poultry farms in Pakistan but still there is shortage of meat most of the times so it could be the most profitable business in Pakistan. Transport business is also one of most profitable business in Pakistan. Every person has to move from one place to other with convenience. In many cities of Pakistan there is shortage of public transport. Qingqi Rickshaw has gained a huge fame as a public transport facility. Moreover public busses are also a good way of earning in the transport business.
In short the success of any business depends upon its demand in the market. Higher demand will bring higher profits. And in Pakistan almost food related businesses have highest demand and profits, and it is most profitable in Pakistan.

Which Business is Most Profitable in PakistanWhich Business is Most Profitable in Pakistan


  1. you r using one of the best way to help the people to solve their problams
    i appriciate you and doing good job may the good people live long.

  2. Asalam-o-alikum all of u
    sir u r doing a good job here, may allah live u long
    sir meray pass 2 lac rupees hai aur mai koi aisa kam karna chahta ho jiss say mai 40 say 50 thousand kama sakoo aur kindly mujay koi saaf sutra kam bta dain.
    best regards,
    usman yousaf

      • Dear Participants. Thank you very much for your interest in this topic. Obviously, this very profitable business. I was associated with this business for 5 years (three years ago). Now we have millitry operation in our area that’s why we declined this business and now adays working in UAE. I hope that soonest once again will join this business.
        Loss and profit are like brother and sister. There is no business in the world which will neglect loss. We can minize it but can not terminate. According to my experience and educational background if a chick is worth (price) Rs. 25
        So we will have to spend Rs.60 on its food, Rs.15 on its medical and Rs. 10 on other charges. Then one chick may reach upto 25+60+15+10= 110.
        Now there is also chance of the mortility of the chick.
        Average weight of a chick is usually 1200gm if one kilo chick costs 120 so then 1200 gm so then one chick is equal to Now the Rs. 144.
        Now the profit = Income – expense
        profit = 144 – 110
        Profit = 34.
        If you have 1500 chicken so and mortility is 50 only then the
        Total profit will be = 1450 * 34
        Total profit = 49,300
        Mortility chicken = 20 * 50
        1000 Now the Net profit will be 49,300 – 1000 =
        This is your Net Profit. 48,300 (if you want to have a partnership business so then call me at my mobile No. Pak = 0092-333-9248391, UAE. 00971-55-5260820

        • Dear Mohammad Sharif Afridi,

          I want to start a business in Afghanistan, but I don’t know what to start, sometimes I feel that I have to purchase a taxi for one of my friends to run them in the city and some times I feel that I have to import something from Pakistan to Afghanistan, such as chickens or something else which is demand would be high in the market.

          Can you give me an idea about any business to do in Afghanistan?


          Kabul, Afghanistan

          • dear sir
            we are offering you pakistani plam dates; bana . checkin ,any want to buy so contect with me i,m safe working business ok thanks for reading

          • hi abdullah how r you me javed awan from Rawalpindi. you can start business in chines medicine and food supplement company in very low investment only about 30000 and you will get starting 10000 to 15000 monthly. if you interested plz contact 03022113738.or e mail

        • bhai g
          koi mujay baa saka ha plasic dana k karobar k baray may.i want to start trading business in plastic material
          i will be thankfull

          • hi farooq how r you me javed awan from Rawalpindi. you can start business in chines medicine and food supplement company in very low investment only about 30000 and you will get starting 10000 to 15000 monthly. if you interested plz contact 03022113738.

        • hi usman how r you me javed awan from Rawalpindi. you can start business in chines medicine and food supplement company in very low investment only about 30000 and you will get starting 10000 to 15000 monthly. if you interested plz contact 03022113738.

    • mere pas 12lakh rs hen ,,mene aj tk koi kam ne kia ,,na mje experince a,,,ap mje koi asia karobar bato jis se me 30thousand monthely kama `sakon

      • hi sami how r you me javed awan from Rawalpindi. you can start business in chines medicine and food supplement company in very low investment only about 30000 and you will get starting 10000 to 15000 monthly. if you interested plz contact 03022113738.

      • Dear Mr Sami you can get more then 30 thousand/month you will invest the many and get the profit. business depend on you I have some idias you can contect me. I need some detail from your side,
        1. you have some land? (any type)
        2. any talent?
        3. Qualification?
        4. if you have land then, required the climate temperature in your area minimum and maximum in each month or season vise.
        my contact : nicefriend954@gmail.com

    • hi usman how r you me javed awan from Rawalpindi. you can start business in chines medicine and food supplement company in very low investment only about 30000 and you will get starting 10000 to 15000 monthly. if you interested plz contact 03022113738.

  3. sir meray pass kuch paisay nahe hn magar mey bhe business karna chatha hun (its not a joke ) i am 16 year old

  4. SLAM, ma koi aisa business start krna chahta hn jis se muje mahana 5 lakh rupay ka munaka ho ma 1 crore rupay ka business start krna chahta hn.Ap ki bri mhrbane hoge agr ap muje thk idea dayskay

  5. sir, I have a big shop situated at 50ft mainroad but i have no investment. what I do? plz give good idea about my shop. contect: cell# o3003073490

  6. Sir,
    i am currently working in Qatar and thinking about how to start business in Pakistan.i check with many people in Pakistan what to do. i am collecting advises from different businessmen. i like your suggestion. thank you so much.

  7. AOA, I want to start a small business with 20-25 lac. plz suggest which business will suit me with this amount. BTW I’m a professional Electrical Engineer & work in telecom sector. Thanks,

  8. Asslamualikumwr,,,, main ek acha business karna chati hoon mere pas 50 hazr hain plz mujhe bataen ke main kia karon?

  9. Dear Sir
    I have two lec rupees. mujy koi esy business ka mashwara dain jis ma
    mujy zeyada se zeyda prophat ho.my qoulifaction is metric. plz mujy koi
    esa kam btayen jisy kar k ma pakistan ma taraki kar sakon.

  10. Asalam-o-alikum all of u
    sir u r doing a good job here, may allah live u long
    sir meray pass 2 lac rupees hai aur mai koi aisa kam karna chahta ho jiss say mai 40 say 50 thousand kama sakoo aur kindly mujay koi saaf sutra kam bta dain.
    best regards
    Shakeel Ahmed Bhutto

  11. I, hvae a suggestion for all those who want to make bussiness in Pakistan.one, in Pakistan no business can move even an inch with out the blessing of the right person.Truth is that you just think about a business the next moment the divel is around you. if you think i, am wrong then start a business then you would see yourself, two, the great TAX DEPT WILL WELCOME YOU too. third, the big fish will eat you. fourth, if you survive luckly then the overhead expenses would kill you.
    Then, what is the answer, THE best answer is …. it is better to have one in hand .. rather two in the bush.Dear all those who want to start a business please keep this hard earned money with you for the rainy day. i, hpoe you would like this, thanks,

  12. nothing is impossible but everything is not easy, first join sitting that people who inspire you, work with them, dont think about earning, think about how you can learn, imagine if you are the owner of of that business what you can do better, should be HALAL, set the business options, select anyone, put ur 50% money any kind of business, save other for ups and downs, you have to do

  13. Dear Sir
    I have five lec rupees. mujy koi esy business ka mashwara dain jis ma
    mujy zeyada se zeyda prophat ho.my qoulifaction is metric. plz mujy koi
    esa kam btayen jisy kar k ma pakistan ma taraki kar sakon.

      • Hello, hi everone i have been reading all the commnets from different participants, some are very helpful, I am Mohsin 28yrz originaly from islmabad, but been living in england from 2005, so it’s been about 10 years, i have online business in england which is quite sucessfull, i have a investment about 70 to 80 Lac Rupees, i am planing to come back to pakistan and start something over there at the moment i have bought two lands in islamabad one in gharui town and one in gulberg from which i have made about 30Lac rupees in last three years, i have lots of good ideas for business but i also need more ideas aswel, so please feel free to contact me so we can discuss further you can contact me on

        Mob: 00 44 (0) 7402828669
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  14. I have experience in Minerals (Salt, Local Coal (Khushab)Gypsum, Iron Ore, Silica Sand, Bantonite etc. I want business in above, please tell me Purchaser of above items.

  15. I have experience in Gypsum, Laterite (Iron Ore) Salt, Slica Sadn, Bentonite, I am honest man, if any persons start export or in country business I will support him. please contact me

  16. dear i am zeeshan sadiq working in uae now i want a bussiness in pakistan punjab faisalabad please tell me what is the profitable karobar in pakistan i want start karobar with minimum invest ment plz reply me honestly(mzhashmi@hotmail.com)

  17. dear ma typing master hun agr ksi ko meri zrurath ha to ma hazir hun q k ma gareb bnda hun mjy pasy ki bhot sakht zrurat ha agr ye nae to plz plz mjy ap koi b koi or internet k throug pasy kamany ka tareka bta dain ma ap ka bhot shukar guzar hun ga.NWFP HARIPUR cell no 03055505759

  18. I’m from Lahore and have now doubled my Investment of 3.5 crore in 18 months. The way I choosed is Investment in a Multinational Company with a Regular Share. The Basic thing in this term is to see the Profit History, connections and Associations of the company Nationally and Internationally.

    Good Luck to all the People here for Future.

  19. I am a telecom graduate by education and my brother is an industrial electronic engineer by education, we both dont have any experience in our fields because finding a job has never been an easy task in these times, so if anyone can guide us what type of business we can do with our qualifications, please let me know at: djumani01@hotmail.com

  20. mujy koi aisa bussiness bta dein jis mein udhar name ki koe chiz na ho pehly hi parchone ki kukan udhar ki waja se kafi loss utha chuka hnu

  21. iam sarmad hashmi..want to staRT MY OWN BUSINESS…GIVE ME SOME GOOD IDEAS FOR BUSiness,,..jis me investment b save rhy

  22. if any body want to invest in a food business then i have a great plan. from pre feasibility to execution, i have already done a demonstration. This idea needs 20 Million PkRs and monthly profit will be above 5 million PkRs. in one year only.contact for further queries. only serious investors.
    0092 312 456 8825 or email me at naeemakhtar81@gmail.com

  23. it is purely services based and there is huge market to capture as being a pioneer in this sector. This project is ‘@ your Door step’ comprising of all the grocery items, fruits, vegetables and meat delivery to our respected members at their homes. in this busy environment we will provide these items to our members and save their fuel, time and part of money. its potentially feasible as it has been well demonstrated in 13 districts of Punjab.

    initially, i need to start this venture from lahore(selected areas) and later will expand through 36 districts of punjab in 5 years plan. how, when, why, what will be delivered needs a face to face sitting for complete and comprehensive discussion. From planning to execution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Human resource Management(HRM), Warehouse Management (WM), Business Intelligence (BI), Financial Management, Sales & Marketing & technology involvement in operations of the project needs detailed sitting.

    i would like to say that this project will sure give birth to many other projects i;e, Magazine, Survey & Research, Skill Advancement, Grow your Own, Courier & Logistics, Chain of Schools and much more. feel free to contact for any queries at naeemakhtar81@gmail.com or 0092 312 456 8825

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  25. Assalam-O-Alikum
    Bhai main Karachi main rehta hon koi aisa idea di jis se main koi aisa kam star karo……..jo mujhy kamiyani ki taraf lay jaiii……..paise bhi kuch khas nahin hai 1 lakh tak hogay………….pls help me agar kisi k pass koi behtar idea ho to plss zaror bataya ga………..baki jo Allah Pak ko manzor ho : 03453204479

    • Salaam Mudasir,

      Thanks for the question, you may do some restaurant business, or medical store business, as both worked the whole year. Not seasonal works.


  26. hallo jays businec koe b ho os ma pahly lass to mast ha esley ap koe b kam karo par hemat na haro to kamyabe he kamybe ha wo kea kahtay hn jhpat kar lepetna or japat kar lepetna laho ko garm rakhnay ka ha ek bahna.apne neat saf rakho or Allah par towaql kar to ha kam ma bahtre he hote ha.bast of luck….

  27. business wo he behtar ha jo hath k nechay ho,kis begeratko pesay mtdo,kud jidaer dill mutmain ho lgaho,
    treka kuch ye ha k
    investment 2 tra ke hoti ha
    chot investment
    bre envestment
    app ko phly coti invest btata hun
    1 hot ha bray pemanay pa business
    1 hota ha chotay pemanay pay business
    chotay pemanay pay
    seasion ka business kro
    sardi ma (EGG )ando ka busines kro
    garmi ma coal drink ka
    hoteling me
    sardi ma soup bna k do
    garmi ma ice cream
    eidon ka etbar say
    choti eid pay
    garments wagera pay lgaho
    bree eid k itbar say
    janwar kreedo thora time mehanat kro eid pay becho
    eid k bud leader chmra kreedo becho
    longe time……..bakee pher kbi time short ha

  28. Livestock farming is a booming business in Pakistan and the trend is not dying anytime soon. There will always be demand for livestock products. However, lack of technical know-how and the use of crude equipment are the major factors hampering the growth of this industry. If you can come in with adequate knowledge and the patience to nurture this business, you will reap immensely. Now you can choose to either venture into livestock breeding of animals or better still, you can stick to livestock feed production or equipment retailing.
    • Poultry farming – Egg production, meat production, hatchery or day-old-chicks production, etc.
    • Cattle Farming – Diary (milk) production, beef, etc.
    • Goat Farming
    • Sheep
    • Fish Farming

  29. asllamo alikom dear all ager kisi bhia ke pass ache paesy hon our wo safe business karna chahta ho to wo real estate ka business kare apne alaqe m jahan wo rehta he ager nhian to bahir kisi jaga main karna chahta he to phir DHA ya bahria town ya CDA main ya Muree naran main real estate ka business kare jahan wo plot buy kare phir usko construct kare phir use sale kare kafi achi earning kar sakta he is business main aapki investment bhi safe ho gi plus apko profit bhi acha ho ga ager bahria town ya Muree main investment karni hoi to in earias mai apartment bana lain ager sale karain ge to acha profit our ager rakhain ge sale nhian karain ge to acha rent mile ga apko lakin ager bahria town rawalpindi main home bhi bana lain to wo bhi apko acha rent and sell karne ki sorat main acha profit de ga main khod ye kam bahria town rawalpindi and muree main karta hon our mujhe acha profit ho raha he ager kisi ko help ki zarorat hoi to mujhe call karlain mainapko acha guide kar donga 03229914838

  30. sab ky sab pagal yahan jama hogye hainn ap logo ky pass agar itny pasy hain to AP log study via per apply karo waha ja kar europe countries me kam karo phir experience hony ky bad import and export business start karo tea ka business rice leather bhot sy aey business hain jo profitable hain isky liye itna karcha be anhi darkar hota 1 office us ke name 1 computer printer letter head paper website or blog contact no/e:mail baki contact karo jo ye business karna chahata hai complete guide karonga inshallah.

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  32. Salaaam to all

    I am from sialkot
    Butt work in abu dhabi
    I want to start a mini work in my area
    So reply me about it
    I have 16 lac

    • Walaikum Aslaam,

      Sir, choose that work which suits you, mean to say choose that work work which you can do perfectly, or that work in which your interest is.


  33. slam dostoo me sajjad mkhan from jordan amman mien bi ap logoun kye sath kam karna chahta houn likan serf pakistai masnowat gaher bathye pesye kamye co,t,,,,,ksajjad888@yahoo.com

  34. someone can marry me we can run population business lolx. jos ny business krna wo yahan baith k meri tarha chawal logon sy chawly ni mrwata. waisy I lyk v’ve lot of professors in any kind ov field… Jo kuch ni krty wo kamal tu krty hain lyk all of u bull shit

  35. Assalam-o-Alaikum,
    Sir, ma Qatar ma job kirta how.
    50 thousand my salry per monthly.
    But ma pak.. ma Bussines kirna chata howpls u send me good tips. Or import & Export ka Bussines surow krow Pakistan sa Qatar. Yaar za koi pak ma bunda ha jo karachi Cpoit sa bulti kry sakta ho. For Ex…. foods chavil, daly za plastick k burtan. Foot ball. Lader germents. Shat vighara.

  36. Amjad from Germany, Dosto pakistan main bohot kam aor business hai, lekin wahan log Sirf apna sochte hain, dusron ka Nuqsan karte hain, agar Germany se aap ko kisi kam main faeda pohanchta hai to mujhe aap ki khidmat kar ke khushi ho gi, germany se hazaron cheezen esi hain jo pakistan bheji ja sakti hain aor pakistan se Germany bheji ja sakti hain, lekin is kam main MEHNAT aor EMANDARI lazmi sharat hai, agar aap me se koi import , export ka kam karna chahta hai to mujhe is Nr par contact kar le , 00 49 15211 6355 40, ya Email send kar leen, saqiwa@web.de

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  39. mere bhaiyon aj kal pak maim be rozgari barhti Jan rhe he lekin main ap ko else hints btaun game jis se ap crore pati ban sakte ha.
    for example.ap ne cow ki bachi li 30000 ki or 2 sal ki dekhbhal me bad wo 150000-200000 ki sale hoti ha .ap pehle 20 lein phir us me in se 100 phr 200 phr karobar ko barhate Jain or ap 10 sal main 3 se 4 Arab rupiya kama skte han



    • Salam Ali Raza,

      Brother pehlay tu ap apnay ap ko Allah k kareeb karain, namaz ada karain. Tilawat karain. Than Allah se dua mangain k wo apko rasta dikhayin, es sb k baad ap kisi kaam main hath dalain. Jo bhi kaam shru krna ha pehlay apko apni nature ko daikhna ho ga, behter hota hai k agar hm apnai nature ko mad e nazr rakhtay huye business shru karain.


  41. Sir Assalam o Alaikum
    Merey paas 2 Lac rupees hain . Me koi aisa bussiness karna chahta hon jis me mujhe 40 se 50 thousands tak ka profit mile .
    PLZ tell me

  42. Sir AOA
    Merey paas 2 lac rupees hain . Mein koi aisa bussiness karna chahta hon jis me mujhe 40 se 50 thousands tak ka profit mile .
    please reply me

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  47. Qatar only imports and bharain so if we make a trading license over here from pakistan imports different things like food itams clothes itams shoes and other products only we need a small invest here in this bussness I neeed four patners who can makets well and please it will be one time investment u people can earn much good idias +20 lac investment can start your life happly text me freely itfano@gmail.com

  48. Hello Everyone, as I went through with all the comments, the conclusion is that everyone missing something like me…let me tell you all about me..Me living in Germany working as Software Engineer. Alhamdulilaa Alhamdulilaa jitna shukar aada karon kaam hai. but as I mentioned earlier that everyone missing something…After living here almost 10 years, I decided to go back Pakistan and start my own business but the question was what… A big question mark…so I read many ideas on different website, blogs etc..
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    5 Marla Build house -> 60 * 5 = 300 Marla -> each house price: 40 lakh = 240000000
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    5 Marla plots -> 40 * 5 = 200 marla -> per marla price : 2 Lakh = 40000000
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    total Amount: 460000000

    If 40% are expences : 184000000

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    We only need investment in the beginning kind of 1 to 1.5 Karoor. Keep in mind first 6 to 9 month we ll only invest there is no return….but after this period the fruit will come…as I describe above..

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