Disadvantages of Internet


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Ninety-seven percent people around the world are aware of the internet or use it regularly. This technology is being made more and more advanced every passing day. However, from the beginning until today, its users mis-utilized it often. Commonly, the increased use of internet is becoming a cause of negative attitudes and anti-social activities in the society. A further discussion and analysis of its other harmful effects in given below.

Disadvantages of Internet

  • The misuse of internet has led the young generation to be victim of loss in cultural and social relations. In olden days, people used to stay together and united in order to communicate with each other; but now all these activities have been lost. Amongst these, social interaction has been affected the most.
  • People try to gain all sorts of knowledge through the internet; because of this, the interest in reading of books has considerably finishing.
  • Some people perform illegal and inappropriate actions through the use of internet. Large groups of terrorism and corruption perform their despicable procedures through the internet.
  • Using internet for a long period of time causes the eye muscles to become weak and as a result cause various diseases.
  • The radiance of gathering, carnivals and stalls has diminished due to internet. The significance amongst people of meeting each other is disappearing; all these activities are now limited to e-mails and chatting over the internet.
  • Some evil-doers spread uncertainties on the internet through religious controversies. Apart from this, internet provides the opportunity to analyze further any political speeches and personal controversies; due to this the society falls victim to chaotic situations and disorganization.
  • Sometimes wrong information is also provided through the internet, because of which many problems and misunderstandings are developed.
  • Similarly, most young adult students and many other people waste their time on the internet doing unimportant things like chatting, facebooking and many other activities through which time is wasted.
  • Using the internet for prolonged hours causes depression and mental stress in youngsters.
  • According to a research center in Sydney, from excessive use of internet, people become so addicted to it, that if they don’t use internet for a day it leads to increased worries and muscle tension.
  • Where reading, that is reading books, prevents all sorts of mental diseases, using internet a lot is the cause of mental diseases.

The inappropriate use of internet keeps increasing everyday; this is why attention must be given to its effects and its users must be informed about all of them. Literatures and documentaries of some cultures are available on the internet through which the younger generation and especially children, become a victim of character distortion. Some children also start disobeying their parents after watching action and fiction oriented films. Hence, it is necessary to save your children from the wrong and unrequited use of the internet.

Disadvantages of Internet
Internet Disadvantages

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