Causes of Separation in Marriage


Divorce is common these days. Couples are not willing to accept the habits of each other and they find answers in divorce. Before the twentieth century married couple would make every effort to understand each other and would try to adjust with the bad habits of each other in order to allow marriage to work. Every year there is a rapid increase in divorce. If we look at this issue more deeply the reason behind the separation is women’s professional careers and financial independence. Since this independence has increased in women, divorce rate has increased dramatically. Here we will list down the main causes of divorce.

The main reason of separation is a desire to be independent. Sometimes spouses seek independence and they don’t like interference from their husband or wife. This mainly occurs when both husband and wife have professional careers and any one of them feels that the other is coming over his/her career. Like if the husband wants a baby and wife is not willing for it because she thinks her career will be ruined if she bores a baby.

The main reason of divorce especially in the subcontinent is attraction towards someone else. Mostly husbands get attracted and indulge in extra marital affairs with someone else; as a result he is not able to give enough attention to his wife which results in divorce.
The base of every relationship is trust. The base of marriage is also a trust and it only works until trust prevails. If trust is violated then endless arguments and problems occur which ultimately leads to divorce. Trust can be violated in many ways like cheating, lying and not fulfilling promises.

Marriage is like equilibrium, it will only work when equilibrium is balanced that is both husband and wife have equal freedom. If husband tries to dominate his wife or wife tries to get over her husband, only then the problems occur. Decision making power shouldn’t be in hand of one person and both should consult each other before making important decisions which affect their lives.
Another obvious cause of separation is unhealthy physical behavior. Sometimes a couple is unable to satisfy each other in bed.

Another major reason of separation especially found in countries like Pakistan and India is infertility. If a woman is not medically fit or cannot bore a baby than she is handed divorce papers as men look to have a son as beneficiary of their property and business.
It is an interesting fact to note down that divorce is also common in love marriages. After the marriage the negative habits of husband and wife are slowly exposed to each other and these habits overcome the love and results in divorce.

Causes of Separation of Marriage