Causes of Failure of Pakistani Film Industry


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Pakistan Film Industry is established in the city of Lahore and is often referred as ‘Lollywood’. The Pakistan film industry is taking its last breaths as it is unable to attract an audience for a long period of time. Here we will discuss the major reason of failure of Pakistan film industry.

Reason of Failure of Pakistan Film Industry

  • The Pakistan film industry was at peak in the 60s with a lot of hit movies and audiences. In early 70’s VCRs were introduced in Pakistan and pirated Indian movies started appearing in the markets. With the availability of Indian movies in the markets viewers had the options to watch either Pakistani or Indian movie because before the introduction of VCRs audience had no choice but to watch Pakistani movies and industry flourished. Pakistan film industry may be considered unfortunate that the time when the VCR was introduced Indian Film Industry (Bollywood) came up with a number of blockbuster movies like Deewar, Sholay and Annand. These movies became very popular in Pakistan and audiences slowly started shifting from Pakistani to Indian movies. People started buying Indian films and watch them at home rather than going to the cinema to watch Pakistani movies.
  • During the time of President Zia UL Haq who wanted to make Pakistan pure Islamic state, he set certain rules and regulations for a Pakistan film industry which led to the downfall of the industry as well. He set the rules that directors of films should be degree holders while top directors in the Pakistan film industry were not degree holders therefore there was a decline in the rate of movies production as well. The tax was applied for cinema tickets which reduced the number of audiences and on the other hand pirated copies of Indian movies were sold in large numbers.
  • As the Pakistan film industry was established in Lahore and frontline directors were out of the way, other directors started making movies based on Punjab culture. Movies were made in Punjabi and the icon hero that time ‘Sultan Rahi’ was rather old to be called a hero. People of Lahore had already shifted to Indian movies and the rest of the country lost interest in movies because of Punjabi language and same story repeated in almost all movies. This was called ‘Gandassa Culture’.
  • During the President Pervaiz Mushraf regime Indian satellite channels could be seen in Pakistan. Most of the channels were movie channels hence Indian movies became more popular and audience further drifted away from Pakistani movies.
  • As there were no audiences in the cinema to watch Pakistani movies, Pakistan Cinema Association managed to pass a bill from the government to show Indian movies in cinemas. This gave new life to Pakistani Cinemas as the audience started to come in Cinema again. But this bill almost killed Pakistan Film Industry as cinemas which showed Pakistani movies were always empty and the one that showed Indian movies they were always full.

It is understandable that why audience love to see Indian movies more because they have better script, direction and most importantly print quality. Pakistani movies are of low budget and poor display quality. Pakistan Film industry has always been hit by financial problems since its birth. Investors are not willing to invest in Pakistan Film Industry this is why directors are forced to make low budget movies are. The Pakistan film industry desperately needs few movies with a good script and better print quality to revive its industry.

Pakistan is an Islamic country but unfortunately in the last few years there had been a very less number of movies produced that can be watched with family. The main reasons behind it are vulgar dialogues and songs in the movies. Pakistan Film industry needs to raise its standards and should produce family friendly movies to attract families and educated people to the cinema.

Causes of Failure of Film IndustryCauses of Failure of Film Pakistan Industry

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