Make Your Eyes Look Bigger With Makeup

Wide and bigger eyes give a distinct appearance and grab attention. These add beauty and attraction to your face. Not everyone is blessed with such eyes but with some makeup tricks, you can have bigger eyes by creating an optical illusion. Today I will guide you on how to make your eyes look bigger with makeup?

Focus on Particular Areas

The basic thing you need to do is to highlight the right spots like corners and add lines. Hiding flaws are also important to have good results.

Apply eye shadow in darker shades and make corner if you like. The Smoky effect can also make your eyes appear bigger.

Extended Eye Liner

An effective and widely used trick to make small eyes appear round and wide is to apply eyeliner beyond the outer corner of the upper lash. It will not only enhance beauty but also look bigger than natural size. Make sure, you’ve made a perfect shape and applied it very close to the lashline. Thin eyeliner gives a delicate impression but the thick shape looks bold and invigorating. The choice is yours whether you want to give simple effect or dramatic.

Apply another line on the lower lash but keep it thin. It will further make your eyes pop and distinct. Avoid liner on the inner corner of the lower eye. The black liner is bold and vivid but you can also try colored as well. You can have a navy, aqua, brown, gray, silver and so on. There’s a huge variety available. The color you choose should go well with the eye shadow.


Use a medium shade shimmery or matte eyeshadow on the lid and apply a darker shade on the outer corner. You can also use shades of the same color and merge them well to create a gradual effect. A nice example can be navy and light blue.

Shimmery Highlight

Use highlight just below the brow. Pick up a lighter shade of gold, white, silver and copper. Using shimmery highlight will make eyes wide. It will help make an extra space in eyelid and brow bone. So, don’t hesitate using it. In the day time, keep it light and at the evening party or night out, you can have it medium-colored.

Curl Lashes

Curl the eyelashes with a curler and then apply mascara over it. For thick curls, apply several coats.

Eyebrow in Shape

For a perfect eye makeup look, pluck out extra hairs from eyebrows and keep them slightly arched. These look best in normal shape, not too thick or thin.


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