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Islamic Baby Names

Here are listed islamic baby names alphabetically along with their meanings. Both baby boy and baby girl names are given here.

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Names reflect the character of the person and have great effects on the life. This column will provide you Muslim baby girl names. This category of girl names with meanings has beautiful and cute names. Find out a name of your choice, look at its meaning, and gain useful information.

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The names are the identification of all people and they have great effects on the personality of particular person. When parents want to give a name to their baby, they should know meanings of name that they are going to stamp to their child.

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Muslim Names for your new born baby boy. Here we given most popular, beautiful and latest 2011 Islamic Baby Boy Names with Meaning. Read Muslim Names and their meanings in Urdu here for free.

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“How to choose Muslim baby names in Urdu” is an important topic for the Muslims. The name of your baby should be beautiful, obvious in meaning and should illustrate his/her personality. A good name describes the attractive personality of the person.