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Zakat in Islam in Urdu

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Zaka’at is the third obligatory pillar of Islam. The system of Zaka’at, Nisab of Zaka’at on gold is described in Quran and Hadith. According to Islam, the purpose of Zaka’at is to circulate the money among all the poor of society equally. It helps to prevent the concentration of wealth in few hands. All the important information and guideline about Zaka’at in Islam is provided in this article.
Zaka’at is paid once in a year. It is like a tax on your wealth to help the needy people. Islam makes it obligatory to pay Zaka’at for a person who owns animals (agricultural products), gold, silver and money. A specific ratio is defined by the Islam on which you have to pay Zaka’at.

Ratio of Zaka’at in Islam:

  • Nisab is the ratio of money that should be paid as Zaka’at like on having 85g pure gold you have to pay 2.5% of that gold as Zaka’at.
  • If a person owns 595g pure silver then he should give 1/40 of the silver to the poor.
  • Zaka’at is also paid, if you are having agricultural products. 1/10 of that production should be paid as Zaka’at.
  • If you have amount equivalent to the 595 grams of silver then you should pay one fortieth of that amount to the Masaakeen.
  • On having 120 goats or sheep then you should pay amount equivalent to the price of two goats. If the number of animals is greater than 200 than you have to the amount equivalent to the price of three animals. 

To whom Zaka’at should be paid?
There are clear instructions about the people who deserve to get the money of Zaka’at. It cannot be given to the person who has 52 Tola silver or the equivalent wealth. Non Muslims are also prohibited to be given the Zaka’at. Zaka’at cannot be given to the mother, father, grandparents, grandchildren, husband or wife to each other and other than these relatives you can pay Zaka’at to your relatives. It should also be not given to the Syeds; descendents of Prophet (PBUH)’s daughter. You are not allowed the money of Zaka’at against the services rendered to you or against the outstanding debts.

Why Zaka’at should be paid?
Zaka’at is given to the needy and poor people so that they can get the necessities of life. Zaka’at purifies our income and it will remove the love of wealth. If Zaka’at system is established in all over the world, it will reduce the poverty level. It also helps to prevent the hoarding of money and monopoly in the society.

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  1. A person helps to run a school where 60 boys do Hifz of Quran-e-Kareem, and every year 3 to 6 Hafiz come out of this institution. So, he pays the salary of the Teachers who help these students to make hifz. These students do not pay any fees to the teachers, and do not reside or eat from the school. Just gather from different places to make Hifz and go back their homes. The question is that can this man calculate the Zakawth he has to pay from out of the amount he spends throughout the year for this institution, since boys do not reside or eat in the School.

    A different person pays an amount to a committee who arrange Iftar and food for 300 person on each Iftar, through out Ramadan Kareem month every day. There are many poor people who come on daily basis in this Iftar and have their food, where a majority of the locality is very poor and deserving persons. There is a committee who collect amounts on a monthly basis, throughout the year, and spend only in Ramadan for Iftar and meals for this locality and cooking and food arrangements are done in a mosque situated in a poor locality. The question is that, can this man who is a member of this Committee, called Ramadan Committee, can account for the payment he has made through out the year, in the amount he has to pay as Zakawth, or not.

    Answers to the above 2 questions are requested in the light of Shariyah.

  2. Very nice info, but i am confused that if i have earned 1 Lac in 1 year, then i have to pay 40 thousand or 7 thousand, reply guys………..

    • No Alam…you don’t have to pay 40K or 7K. Instead you have to pay 2.5K that means 40th part of 1 Lac. Or easy way 2.5% on total value of gold or cash. Its quite simple…

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