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Click Here to Read in UrduHazrat Muhammad (p.b.u.h) said that when ALLAH created the earth it started vibrating so mountains were created and placed over it and it stopped to vibrate. Angels were surprised seeing the hardness of mountains; they asked ALLAH if there is anything more hard than mountains in His creations. ALLAH replied, its iron. Angels then asked if there is anything more hard than iron in His creations. ALLAH replied its fire. Angels then asked if there is anything more hard than fire in His creations. ALLAH replied, its water. Angels then asked if there is anything more hard than water in His creations. ALLAH replied, its air. Angels asked again if there is anything more hard than air in His creations. ALLAH replied it is human being who gives charity from his right hand and hides it from the left hand.

Sadqah is an Arabic word derived from `Sadq’ which means truth. The literal meaning of sadqah is to spend for the sake of pleasing ALLAH. Sadqah or charity is a kind of voluntary service by which man helps the poor and needy and seeks ALLAH’s happiness. Sadqah is a virtue which is signified by Islam as a symbol of anybody’s belief. ALLAH has encouraged Muslims to spend from their wealth and the other unlimited blessings. By giving sadqah our belief in ALLAH strengthens. ALLAH has blessed us with countless favors like wealth, health and intelligence and we can find ALLAH’s happiness by sharing these blessings with others.
ALLAH says “O people spend from those pure things that you earn and also from those which we grow for you out of the land”
Many people associate sadqah with spending money however sadqah is not only about spending money but every good deed of a Muslim can be classified as sadqah. But the condition is that this must be done only for the sake of ALLAH’s happiness. When a Muslim gives away charity from his hands it says five things back to him.

  • I was mortal you gave me immortality.
  • I was your enemy you made me your friend.
  • Before today you used to protect me but now onwards I will protect you.
  • I was in your hands before and now I am in the hands of ALLAH.
  • I was worthless you gave me worth.

The Importance of Charity or Sadaqah In Islam in Urdu language is described below.

CharityCharity In Islam

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