Islamic Hijab Styles


Over time, scarf has become an identity of the Muslim women around the world. Islam gives respect and honor to Muslim women and inhibits the growth of evils in the society. It also defines certain limitations that are helpful to protect a woman. Hijab is compulsory in Islam so that Muslim women can cover themselves and have a unique identity of their own.
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Islamic Hijab Styles in Urdu language are mentioned below in Urdu.
HijabIslamic Hijab
There are different schools of thought regarding Hijab. While some believe that Hijab means to cover the whole body along with the face, others believe that to cover the body and hair is sufficient. No matter what the case, women in Islam are ordered to cover themselves and protect their decency for the good of the society.
While the world is going towards secularism, the trend of wearing abaya is also reducing day by day. Even moderns Muslim women prefer to wear scarf now days to cover their head and hair. An interesting fact is that even non-Muslim women are also adopting the trend of wearing scarf. Some non-Muslim women prefer to wear scarf because it make them look elegant and charming rather than modern, while other use scarf to bring out a unique identity of their own and to give a little reserved outlook.
Scarf fashion is at the height and this is the reason that they are available in a variety of designs, colors and styles. If you are wearing scarf for the sake of fashion then you can wear it in any way. The only thing that matters is the shade of the scarf. But, if the purpose of wearing scarf is to wear Hijab then you should consider some factors like its width and the length so that it can completely cover your head.
Wearing the scarf clockwise around the head makes it look very beautiful. But, for this you need a large scarf. Most of the times a scarf is made from silk or a similar material, which makes it slips from the head. To solve this problem, an under scarf is used. You can easily wear scarf after wearing under scarf.
Another form of scarf is the stole or stoler, which is more likely to look like a dupata. It is suitable for the girls, who don’t want to wear veil. It is also a good style for university and college going girls.
A scarf in triangular shape is liked by majority of girls because it is convenient to wear. Just pin up the scarf around your head it is all set. There is no need to set your scarf again and again. However, Muslim women and young girls should keep in mind that whatever style you choose, just make sure that it should be capable of covering your hair and head.

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