Death of Hazrat Ali R.A


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Hazrat Ali (R.A)

Hazrat Imam Ali R.A, the son of Abu Talib, the son of Abdul Mutlib, was the cousin of Holy Prophet (Peace be upon you). Hazrat Ali Bin Abi Talib (R.A) was born in Khana Ka’aba on 13th of Rajab on a Friday. The name of his mother was Hazrat Fatima bin-te Asad. Hazrat Ali was groomed in the family of the Holy Prophet and always proved to be a trusted companion. He was married to Hazrat Fatima-tu-Zahra, the honorable daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him). The prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad (Peace be upon him) always regarded him for his superior services and qualities. The degree of praise and status, which is found in the Ahadith about Hazrat Ali is unmatchable with any other companion of the Holy Prophet (peace be upon him).

The Prophet once said about him that I am a city of knowledge and Ali is my entrance (the door). On another occasion the Prophet said about Hazrat Ali (R.A) “Ali is also the Maula (spiritual leader) of all those who consider me their Maula (spiritual leader).” Hazrat Ali (R.A) was the first Imam and fourth caliph of Islam.

Hazrat Ali always fought for Islam. He was attacked by a person named Abdul Rehman bin Muljim on 19th of Ramadan in the 40th year of Hijri calendar in the mosque while he was offering his Fajar prayer. He became seriously injured and after the attack when he came back to his home, he gave some pieces of advices to his sons. When his murderer was caught and brought in front of him, he saw that his face turned pale due to fear and his eyes were shedding tears. Even at that movement he took pity at his murderer.

He advised his sons Hazrat Imam Hassan and Hazrat Imam Hussain that from now onwards this man was their detainee and they should treat him well. They should give him the same food what they ate. He further said that if I would get well then I would decide whether to punish or forgive him. But if I could not survive and they wanted to take the revenge then they should also give him only a single cut as he gave him a single cut. He also advised them not to cut his arms and legs as it was against the teachings of Islam.

After the attack there was a wave of unrest spread across in the whole of Arab and Kufa. Hazrat Ali (R.A) spent two days on bed in severe pain. The whole body had absorbed the poison from the attack, which ultimately resulted in the martyrdom of Hazrat Ali on (R.A) is 21st of Ramadan.

Hazrat Ali (R.A) once said that the best among the followers is the one who spends from his wealth in the name of Allah, on behalf of himself and his family because whatever one sends towards his hereafter returns to him in the form of betterment for him.

Hazrat Ali R.A
Hazrat Ali R.A Death

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  1. it is very nice information for all muslims……………
    ya Ali Mada…………………………………….

  2. mujy ya allah kehny walo sy peyar hai na k ya ali……………………….shame on them……..romeo

      • Salaam Abul Kashem,

        First of all thanks for the comment.
        You are absolutely right, We must ask help only from one and only Allah who can help us in every aspect of life.

        Kind Regards

  3. very nice information about Hazarat Ali R.A.i wants to ask the owner of this website that plz post information about history of Previous Nabi A.S and also political history of Pakistan and Hazrat UMER R.A

  4. Assalamo Alikum,

    Very nice Article. But Allas to see the people who claim them selves the lovers of Syedna Ali (RA) are doing totally against his teaching. As Syedna Ali (RA) told Follow the Quran. Quran says dont ask help other than Allah. Here most of the fellows are writing Ya Ali Mudad. Whats this non sens. On Write Ya Allah Muded. This is Shirk ( Shirk e Akbar ) and any one who do shirk , he/ She is Jahanumi. Why you want to go in hell by doing Shrik. Syedna Ali (RA) is Babul Elim and 100% Followers of Quran . Quran Majeed is complete book till the day of judgement. A Single word of Quran majeed cannot be altered/ delted. Why you are doing against Quran. To do any thing against Quran Teaching is not come in love, it comes in Shirk and Biddah . May Allah show Right path to all muslims. Juzaka Allah khair. thnx Baloch

  5. Ali RA is not a prophet. He was a human being like all other human beings. He lived on islam and died on islam. We, in islam make no difference between him and any other human being incld. all the companions of the blessed Prophet pbuh. Whatever good a human soul does is to its own credit and whatever evil it does, will also fall upon it.

  6. this article gave a piece of mind. Hazrat ALI was the great warrior of Islam he (r.a) always devoted his life for the serving of Islam so we should always follow his(r.a) path with true spirit

  7. this article gave me a piece of mind because
    this give a right way to a muslim to follow a right way. Hazrat ALI’s life give us a right direction

  8. ya allah ali ki madad sb suno beshk madad khuda pak krta hai pr hazat muhammad jhnge khebar me ya ali madad kaha tha khuda pak mola ali ko mushkile kusha bnya hai say ali ali madad………

  9. u idiots!
    jab HAZRAT ALI a.s se hum madad mangte hain to matlab ham une KHUDA Ki bargah me waseela banate hain,na k nauzbillah une KHUDA samj k mangte hain,magar tum log to aqal k ande ho,nire jahil,herat hai tum mati k putlo p,tum nafse RASUL P.B.U.H ko nahi samje ,tum log kam zarf phr RASUL SAWW KO kese samjo ge.
    YA RASUL ALLAH MADAD hamari jaan hai
    YA ALI MADAD hamari pehchan hai
    tum log bolte raho ,bakte raho

  10. khurram bhai ap ka akeeda jo hai ap us per raho lekin tankeed mat karo kyun k hum to ya Ali b kahain gey ya Hussain b Kahain Ge or Ya Allah to ap b kehte ho thanks for understanding please kyun k aisa na ho k koi apne mun se ghalat alfaz nikal de jis se gustakhi ka andesha ho jaye thanks

  11. it is a very nice artical and who people said that,dont say ”ya ali madad” why we cannot say”ya ali madad”when prophrt (saw) say that,”jis ka mien mola hou aus ka ali bhi mola haa” jab yaa baat kah di gayi haa tu kise aur baat ka koi matlab nahi!

  12. Live like ali & die like Hussain
    ya allah ali ki madad sb suno beshk madad khuda pak krta hai pr hazat muhammad jhnge khebar me ya ali madad kaha tha khuda pak mola ali ko mushkile kusha bnya hai say ali ali madad………