Genghis Khan History in Urdu


Gengis Khan was born near “River Aanan” in 1162. He was a great warrior and conqueror of the world. As predicted by some wise men of his time, he ruled several areas in sub-continent, central Asia and East Asia. Gengis Khan was a cruel ruler who murdered thousands of people to prolong his rule. During the last days of his rule, he strengthened the economy of his state by adopting proper economic and foreign policies. He was a skilled and shrewd leader of his times but blood shedding and chaotic activities defamed him in the history. He died during his third attack on china.
Genghis Khan History

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  1. changez khan was great worrier and great man ,i love him,,,,,,,,,,,,,,he a sign of greatness and brave,he is ideal to every ruler and king he was lion of his time,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  2. The world is a Game of power and he proved it in those days when there was no repaid achievements in warrior technology he was the man of gut’s , and my dear every things is fair in love and war,

  3. My brothers, you should love Hazrat Umar (RA) and should pray for a ruler like him not changez khan who was very cruel and non-muslim.

      • i so sorry if u hate umer it means u hate Muhammad and if u hate Muhammad then u r not remain a muslim………think about it. Muhammad says if u love me then u must love my sohaba………..if u hate my sohaba it means u hate me…….i think u are shiah…………..but we love all Abubakar,Umer, Usman, Ali ,Hussain and hassan…………..

        • Sabir. I am totally agree with you, I also agree that Changiz Khan was a cruel warrior, but he never got any such type of ability just like Hazrat Umar RA, and we are proud that we are Umati of Hazrat Muhammad SAWW. and He is our Ideal.

          • hazrat SAWW kiya hai ye Short Cut kiyoun use karten hain mera hisab se hame pura name likhna chahiye kiyon ? mohammd sallallaho alaihe wasallam

          • hazrat SAWW kiya hai ye Short Cut kiyoun use karten hain mera hisab se hame pura name likhna chahiye kiyon ? mohammd sallallaho alaihe wasallam

    • I wold pray like a leader as Hazrat Ali, Cause Hazrat Umar has done very very cruel things

  4. Changaiz Khan Sab se bara Zalim Hukamran tha, Muslmano pe jis Shakhs ne tareekh mai sb se zyada Zulm kiye Wo yehi Khabees Insan Tha….

  5. mere bai ap logo ne chengez k bary me theak sy para ya suna nahi wo aik zalim insan tha islam ko us ne bohat nuqsan ponchya ha writer aj tak us ka nam likhny se darty ha aur ap us ko pasnd karty ho sochna

  6. Genghis khan 1 azeem jangjoo te.leken ose kese ke jaan ke parwa nahe te.jes waqt o dunya se ruhsat ho rahe os k janaze k samne jo b aata ose qatal kar dia jata aur beshomar khandano ko es ki foaj ne begunah qatal kar dia to jab es ke foaj itne beraham tee to hud ketna zalim hota…lambe history he….think dear

  7. changaiz khan aik zalim aur jabir hukamran tha us ki dastanai nahi sunni chahiye.Wo aik insaan dushman shahs tha. Hamai Hazrat Muhammad (SAW)ki tareeh pharni chahiye jis me insaaf,diyanat,dosti,amanatdari,hamdardi aur bahut sai kuch seeknai ko milen gai. wassalam

  8. wow guys you’re appreciating a man who killed innocent muslims and non-muslims, and do you even know appreciating him it means you appreciate all of his acts and it also means you are agree on all of those killings, so bad. I mean are you ppl are crazy???

  9. Zaman ap ko sharam ani chahye. jo zalim jabir h or masoom logun par zulm karta h use ap apna hero mante ho! ye wo shakhs h jo kisi b badshahat p hamla karta tha to us Badshah ki khopri m sharab peta tha or hur masoom, borhe, auraten sub ko qatal karta tha. jb mara to us ki fauj ne use wahen dafan kiya jahan wo aksar shikar karne k liye us darakht k neche baithta tha. or itna raz rakha us k moat ko k jis raste c us ka taboot guzra wahan hur kisi ko qatal karte gaye. or ye qafla 300 kilometer tak chalta raha socho…..

  10. Friends if you want to see the biggest leader of the world the best name is Hazrat Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him.

    If you want to see the greatest Conqueror of the world, look at Hazrat Umar Farooq.

    If you wish to see the best War Commander of the world then read about Hazrat Khalid Bin Waleed.

    It is not what i say, it is what the whole world admits. As far as Chagez Khan is concerned, no doubt he was a good leader and a wise/cunning war commander and one of the best of his time but not the best of human history. He struggled a lot to unite the small tribes and made them a great united force and it was all due to his leadership abilities. His successes wee not just due to the number but he also invented the most deadly weapon of his time that gave him edge over other armies. He had the archer cavallery that gave him edge over others.

  11. i like changiz khan very much becoz of his best career and his rules he is one of the world high thinker who control 2nd part of the world 03339683597 HANGU ORAKZAI AGENCY

  12. In those days changiz khan was killed approx 1.25 billions of people. 50% population of the world he was this time the population of our world is approx.70 billion. in other words if he was not done that kind of act so where we stay on world at these days. there are some good reasons behind that kind of act of changiz khan.

  13. First thing i know All mirza’s & baig are direct decndent of changez khan 2nd thing for we have to appriciate him that he was illitrate from everything like Islam,humanity,culture,education etc but he ruled 80 % of world for 5 decades only because of trust and solidarity he start killing people when he sent his people or messangers to other kings and they killed his people , his all history is near about wrong because there were no one out of mongolia who said or wrote in praise of him they all historian of that time took revenge with him its not only about changez but same thing happend with Timur Lung(timur Baig) or Sultan Ruknoddin baibras of egypt………

  14. i heat gengis khan. gengis khan was a great worrier but not a great man. and right friends he was a cruel person.
    bahadui ka sabak to hme islam deta h hamare sheer jese sahaba subhan allah…..

  15. I would like to say that My Ideal is my Prophet Hazrat Muhammad. He ruled the world with Love, and everyone Muslim,Non-Muslim agree with it. And I proud being a Umati of Muhammad SAWW.

  16. Bhai ye koi Muslim nhi tha ye china ke tatari qoum thi jiska sardar tha ye tatari dunia me sbse zyada zalim sbse zyada qatl krne me mahirana fun rkhte the aor jinhone tarikh me aaj tk kisi ne musalmano pr zulm nhi kiya he jitna in tatariyo ne kiya tha