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Al Beruni, the great master of earths, history, languages, math and palmistry was a great Muslim scientist and scholar. Biography of Abu Rehan Al Beruni is as given below. Al Beruni was born on 3 zilhaj 362 hijri, September 4 year 973. Mohammad Bin Ahmad Al Khuarzmi Al Beruni was his full name. He was born in an outside village of Geneva (Khuarzm) which was a state of central Asia. Abu Nasar Mansoor Bin Ali the son of the king of Khuarzm Ahmad Bin Mohammad’s uncle adopted Al Beruni and educated him as well. After some time when the kingdom of Iraq fell down, Al Beruni left the country and moved to the shrine of Qaboos Bin Washamgeer in the state Jarjan. He wrote his first great book while staying in Jarjan named “Asar Al Baqia” in the year 1000. When the severe situation was controlled in Khuarzm, Al Beruni returned from Jarjan and started living in the shrine of Ali Bin Mammon. He also met Bu Ali Sina there. Both were the great scholars of that time. After the death of Ali Bin Mammon, they moved to the shrine of Mmmon’s brother Abu Al Abbas Mammon in year 1009 until he was murdered in year 1016 and Mahmood Ghaznavi take over the Khuarzm to under his kingdom. After that, Al Beruni went to Hindoostan and learned their ancient knowledge, which was considered very difficult to get. He also learned the Sanskirt language of Hindoos. At this time, hindoos were on the peak of the knowledge and it was impossible to learn it but Al Beruni amazed Indians by getting their knowledge and he also translated their religious book “Bhagwat Gita” into Arabic. He also wrote a book named “Kitab Al Hind” about Hindu culture. Hindoos were impressed by the knowledge of Al Beruni and gave him the title of “Vidya Sagar” means “ocean of knowledge”. In year 1029, Al Beruni returned from Hindoostan and a year after Mahmood Ghaznavi died. Al Beruni kept related to the shrine of Ghaznavi’s son and died on Rajab 440 Hijri, September 11 year 1048.
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