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Mustafa Kamal Ataturk was the founder and first president of Turkey. He was born in Salonika. The name of his father was Ali Raza Efendi and his mother’s name was Zubaida Khanam.
Abdul Munaf son of Abdul Mutlib Hashmi Qureshi was the father of Hazrat Ali and uncle of the Prophet (peace be upon him). After the death of his father, he took the charge of custodianship of Khana Kaba.
In Holy Quran, it is mentioned for the “Ashaf-e-Kahf” in Surah Al-Kahf as: “Do you think that the people of the Cave and the Inscription (the news or the names of the people of the Cave) were a wonder among Our Signs?
Abu Alfatah Omar Bin Ibrahim Khayyam was a great poet of Persian language and an expert mathematician. He was born in 1039 in the Manisha Pur during the regime of Tughral.
Teachings of Islam are comprehensive and provide guidance related to every aspect of life. Islam has guided the women about their prayer and what are the conditions that should be fulfilled for offering the prayer.
THE real name of Hazrat Data Ganj Bux was Ali and he was also known as Abu-al-Hassan. It is said that when Khawja Mueen ud din Chisti was granted Wilayat of Hindustan from the darbar-e-Rasalat.
Noor ud din the fourth king of Mughal family who was also known as Jahangir. King Akbar’s kids used to die in age of infancy and he was the first of his kids who survived. Mother of Jahangir was renowned Rajput Queen Maryam Alzamani.
Moulana Hasrat Mohani was a well known Urdu poet, politician and leader. His real name was Syed Fazal and he was born in Oudh. Syed Azhar Hassan was his father who was descendent of Imam Ali Mousa Raza.
You job is the most important activity of your life whether you are appointed at lower rank or at a higher one. Getting job is the most difficult but to maintain your current job also requires many efforts. If you are inexperience, the first year of your job is more sensitive and it can indulge you in some difficulties too.
Have you ever considered that what was the purpose of your creation? A person comes in this world with empty hands and leaves with the same condition. If he thinks for happiness, he has to face the rude behavior of others. If someone seeks for mourns, he finds many ways of happiness.
Imam ghazali was born in the tahiran district of kharasan. His father used to cell cotton. That was the reason his family was callred ghazali because in Arabic language a person who spins cotton is called ghazali. His father was not an educated and learned man and he always regretted it.
Famous mathematician, philosopher, scientist, astronaut and physician, Bu Ali Al-Hussain Ibn E Abdullah Ibn E Sina was born on 21 June, 1037 in a village of Bukhara. He is also known as “Sheikh-Al-Raees.
Islamic history is full of the legendary personalities; the personalities who always sacrificed for the right, soft in nature and pious. Hazrat Hassan Bin Ali R.A is one those pious personalities but have preference on many other because of...
The first Prime Minister of Pakistan, Liaquat Ali Khan, was born on 1st October 1896 in the affluent family of Kernaal. He was the second son of “Khan Rukn-ud-Daula Nawab Rustam Ali Khan”. His ancestors had migrated from Iran to India approximately 500 years ago.