How to Store Paneer Cheese at Home
How to Store Paneer Cheese at Home

Paneer (Cheese) is basically curdled milk acidified with vinegar and left to drain by hanging using a muslin cloth. Paneer is nutritious, 100 gm of paneer (Cheese) made from cow milk, provides 18.3 gm of protein, 20.8 gm of fats, 2.6 gm of minerals, 208 mg of calcium and 138 mg of Phosphorous. Yummy paneer contains reasonably good amounts of fats and cholesterol. By the usage of paneer (Cheese) we also gets help in lowers, back age groups. Hard paneer (Cheese) is typically eaten in slices at tea time with biscuits or various type of bread, or deep fried in a lighter butter.
How to Store Cheese Paneer


  1. Paneer ko ziada arsa store karne ke liye kisi bhi bartan poly bag plastic etc main itna water dala jaye k paneer uss main doob jaye aoor water main aap salt add karte ho to wayer change kiye bagair 2month tak frige main save kar sakte ho agar salt ziada ho jaye to paneer ko istmaal se pehle taza pani main se guzar lein .


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