Side Effects of Herbal Medicines


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Herbal medicines have been used for treating numerous ailments since time immemorial. A large number of herbal companies have worked hard to make the use of herbal medicines more effective after carrying out their research over the ages and this still goes on. However, their ways of usage as well as the variations in the dosage have resulted in some side effects, which primarily were ignored but have made their presence felt.

Side Effects of Herbal Medicines

Some of the harmful effects of herbal medicines are discussed below.


As compared to the other type of medicines, the herbal medicines interact more rapidly with our systems and may result in harmful effects. If a person is already using herbal medicines, then using any allopathic medicine can lead to the development of an allergy or some other harmful reaction. A person might experience nervousness or itching on the skin.

Overdose of Herbal Medicines

The overdose of herbal medicines may lead to disastrous effects for the health. Some herbal medicines react very rapidly. A little variation in their dosage can lead to a number of harmful effects. For instance, taking an overdose of any herbal medicine used for digestive problems can result in high blood pressure and stomach problems. This is because the herbal medicines for the digestive system contain salts. A patient of high blood pressure should, therefore, avoid these medicines.

Damage to the Organs

A regular and frequent use of herbal medicines can also damage the organs of the body, such as the heart, kidneys, the liver etc. The function of these organs is badly affected.

Mental Disorders

Herbal medicines are also harmful for the brain. They can result in mental confusion.

Addiction of Herbal Medicines

The frequent use of herbal medicines makes the body addicted to them. Giving up these medicines at any point in the life can cause more anxiety as well as fatigue.

Side Effects of Herbal Medicines on the Heart

The prolonged use of herbal medicines can prove to be very harmful for the heart. It increases the pulse rate. A person feels breathless.

Herbal Medicinal Oils

Some herbal medicines are prepared for external use in the form of oils. These include the Tee Tree Oil, or the lavender oil. These oils are very effective for a sensitive skin. The oils are best for treating skin itching and skin irritations. Echinacea is a very effective herbal medicine. However, its continuous use can result in health problems. Mostly, the liver is affected. The liver stops performing its functions properly.

Side Effect of Herbal Medicines for Fertility

There are some effective herbal medicines which are used for dealing with fertility problems. However, these medicines have the potential to damage the kidneys as well the liver. The nervous system is also affected as it starts feeling fatigued.

Side Effects of Herbal MedicinesSide Effects of Herbal Medicines

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  1. ye jo b propogenda kia gya ha uper herbal mediciens k side effects k bary me kafi had tak galat ha
    ager kisi ko koi esa issu ha to wo mjh sy rabta kar sakta ha
    herbal medicines k side effects to hoty hain ,I agree. lekin kesy hoty hain ye aap ko janny k lia itna bata dena kafi ho ga k
    agar koi b chiz bila zaroorat ya ziada miqdar me istamal ki jay to wo hamesha nuksan ki waja banti ha beshak wo roz istamal hony wali roti ho ya agar pani b aap bila waja ziada pee lo to health k lia issues create ho jaty hain, or ye to phir b medicines hain jo k kisi qualified herbal practitioner (qualified hakeem) k mashware k bager istemal ni krni chahia
    ager aap herbs k mutalik koi maloomat hasil kerna chahty hain to aap mjy say rabita kr sakty hain INSHA ALLAH aap ko complete satisfection ho gi
    for contact u can dial 0308 5533900 or u can also mail me at

  2. i agree with the post that herbal medicicens have also side effects. even i know the person who regularly used kaloongi, then suffer leporasy. or the side effects of digestive “phaki” are very bad. The men-power medicencs or other sexual medicenes always give you heart attack at last. so be carefull.


  3. or sir yae bhi btain kn c medicine bahter ha side efect tu jitna english medicine ka ha otna herbal ka bhi nai jo cheezain aap food mae use kerty ho mostly mirch misala etc wo sab herbal mae aata ha dr ko chahiye k un ka bhi extract nikal k khaya kerain

  4. east or west herbal medicine is always best dr log khud herbal use kerty hain(becoz thy know herbs has very simple side efects) dosroo ko mana kerty hain jahan tak sex medicine ka taluk ha jitna use sildenafil citrate ka use ho raha ha otna kisi medicine ka bhi nai kidny liver heart bp pae wohi efect kerti ha dr hazrat or un k chamchy yae btaian es mae kon c phakki ha jo gurday orahti ha kindly es propaganda ko band kia jaye

  5. I used vigour the usa herbal sex medicine for male and suffered fast heart beat,raised blood pressure and serious headach, and shivering so avoid it , important

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  8. Tabib Mohammad Ali Malik ke comments ap ne pahr lie hon ga. Ap ka herbal medicine ke side effects ka itna ziada bura kahna acha nahi laga. Alopathic medicine jitni dangerous han shaid itni koi aur medicine nahi. Aur koi bhe doctor yeh nai pochta ke is se pehlay kon se medicine use ke ha, aur ek dam apni dawai likh deta ha. jis se side effect ke chance ziada hotay han. Herbal medicine agar zaroorat se bohat ziada miqdar main na li jay tu itni dangerous nahi. Agla daoor (Next Time) Herbal ka ha janab. Alopathic tarika elaj se log tang ho kr ab herbal ke tarf he a rahe han.(Insha Allah)


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