Laser Hair Removal: Side Effects in Urdu

There are different methodologies used to remove hair from body and face. Laser treatment is one those methodologies used to remove extra hair from the face and the body.

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Laser Hair Removal Side Effects in Urdu

Laser Hair Removal Side Effects in Urdu
But laser treatment has some disadvantages and the side effects of laser are described below.

  • Laser is an infrared light, which has high frequency and that high frequency is dangerous for human body.
  • During laser treatment the infrared light is used to remove hair. It does not only remove the hair but also make your skin cells dead. Death of skin cells causes different skin diseases.
  • It is also the case that the medicines of low quality are used in laser treatment leads to skin complications.
  • To reduce the pain during hair removing treatment, doctors use anesthetic products. These products give you temporary relief but create different health problems like continuous muscles pain, mental stress and memory loss.
  • Due to laser treatment one can face skin irritation, redness of skin and swelling can also be the result.
  • Laser light makes your skin more sensitive to heat and cold. As a result skin becomes very dry in winter and dark in summers.
  • Treatment of laser can cause severe skin problems like skin cancer.
  • Sometimes skin cells become dead and the blood circulation can also be stopped.
  • Another disadvantage of the laser treatment is the threat to the epidermis.
  • Laser is an expensive treatment and laser effect is not long lasting. There is no guarantee that the hair growth will be slow after removal of hair.
  • Due to laser treatment the pigments of skin become dark in color that also make the skin color dark.
  • Other side effects of laser include wrinkles, dark spots, dark circles etc.
  • Improper laser treatment may cause skin burning or discoloration of the skin.

People go for laser therapy because they want to get rid of their extra hair but they should also consider the limitations of laser treatment. It is also seen in our country that the surgeons do not have any professional training and also do not know about the precautionary measures for laser therapy. Laser effect the upper most layer of skin and cause invisible streaks on the skin that are difficult to remove. The process is also a time taking process and the results are also unfavorable. So, you should be careful while choosing the method of hair removal.