Hair Removal Methods

There are many ways to remove unwanted hair from the skin. These work instantly and the procedure varies from one another. Some are simpler and others are a bit complicated. Most commonly used of all is hot wax in which a warm wax is applied to the skin; a strip is placed firmly and then removed to pull off hair out of the skin. But this method is painful and requires proper training to do.

Other methods are electrolysis and laser. These are performed by the experts in their clinics and can’t be done at home. Electrolysis is time-consuming because it affects one hair at a time and can take several days or hours to weeks. It gives permanent results but is not so popular because of it’s painful and too lengthy procedure.

Laser Hair Removal

Recently, laser hair removal has gained immense popularity among women and they are rushing towards such centers which offer this treatment. Hormonal changes can cause excessive hair growth on face especially chin and nose, which looks too unattractive and leaves an adverse impact upon appearance and beauty.

Black thick hair on the face should never be taken light and must be removed as soon as they begin growing. The laser is an effective treatment to get rid of such unwanted hair but it can take up to several sessions. In many cases, hairs re-grow even after the treatment. So, you’ll need to visit your clinic several times after that.


In laser therapy, hair is not removed from the root because it leaves room for new growth. In this treatment, resonance wavelength frequency of follicles is used. The laser heats up some parts of follicles, which are responsible for hair growth. As a result, heat eliminates hair at the surface and prevents them from growing again. This treatment is painless and takes less time to implement than other technical procedures. There is no involvement of pressure or pain as in wax.


Laser treatment sessions are mainly determined by hair type and laser quality. Normally, five or more treatments are required to remove hair follicles. About 2 or 3 weeks rest is given between each session, which helps in recuperation from the treatment.

This is an ideal therapy for those who can’t bear the pain of wax and have sensitive skin. Women who have time constraints and don’t like to get wax or creams applied every two weeks can go for laser treatment.

Side Effects:

Most laser therapies have minor side effects which depend upon skin type of the individual. Redness in the skin, swelling and blistering can occur after the session. The expert should first test the skin for the side-effects before beginning the treatment.

Hair Removal Cream

These creams and lotions are for instant hair removal but they don’t give permanent or long-lasting results. It is a temporary solution to get rid of unwanted hair. You’ll need to use such products every 5 to 7 days depending upon the speed of hair growth and their length.

According to a majority of experts, it is not a smart method and can’t be a substitute of wax or laser.


A thick layer of cream or lotion is applied all over the skin to cover entire hair. It is then left for 5 to 10 minutes as directed by the manufacturer. Finally, it is rubbed gently using a tissue paper, cloth or little spatula.


Women, who continually use hair removal lotions and creams, experience thicker hair growth, itching, flaky skin, and irritation. Sometimes, it can also affect skin color.


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