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Everyone wishes to get long and shiny hair, but excessive use of chemicals, blow dryer and over conditioning can make your hair rough and dry. Beautiful and healthy hair has very deep effect on ones personality so people should take extra care of their hair?
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Rough Hair Tips in Urdu

However, some reasons of rough hair are listed below for your help.

  •  Use of straightener and synthetic chemicals make your hair dull and dry.
  • The other reason is that when hair roots do not get proper nutrients, hair become dry and weak. The solution of this problem is very simple; you should cover up your hair with scarf of silk. It helps to produce charge in your hair that leads to the healthy hair.
  • Trim your hair once in a month. It helps to increase the growth of your hair.
  • Use of Shampoo:
  • Don’t use low quality (cheap) shampoos and if you feel that the shampoo you are currently using is creating problems like hair fall, split ends or dryness then you should discontinue the use of that specific shampoo.
  • Nobody can guarantee that every expensive shampoo is of good quality and it is beneficial for the health of your hair. The best shampoo for you is ashampoo, which suits your hair texture.So, try to use the shampoo that suits to your hair.
  •  Here we are telling you that how to make shampoo at home.
  •  Grind the Aamla, cobnut and sika kai. Mix these three ingredients and boil them in water for half an hour. Wash your hair with this boiled water. It gives an amazing shine and strength to your hair. It also helps to grow your hair rapidly. This recipe is particularly beneficial for those women who are tired of using cheap market products.

Dry Hair:
After bath, avoid to rub your hair with towel, it makes your hair weak and cause hair fall. You should also avoid or minimize the use of hair dryer because it damages your hair, also it dries up the scalp skin which cause the dryness of your hair.
Perfect Solution:
Simple tips can really help you to have healthy hair like; minimize the use of gel, hair spray and conditioner because it can be the cause of hair fall and grey hair.

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