Grewia is a tiny fruit with huge beneficial power. Apparently it appears a small sweet and sour fruit but it actually boast numerous qualities and nutritions that play an awesome role in making someone feel healthy and fresh. Basically Grewia is summer fruit that reduces sun burn affects in the body. It is largely used by making its juice that really tastes good and is helpful in banishing hot weather affects. Gewia also plays role in curing some fatal diseases such as liver diseases, constipation, heat rashes and Malaria. Fully ripen Grewia is reddish meron in colour and its beautiful colour is really a plus point in increasing appetite. Grewia’s extracts are also supposed to be helpful in curing from Hepatitis and other such diseases.
Falsa or Phalsa is a fruit which is called Grewia in English Language. Here we mention some health benefits of Grewia (Falsa or Phalsa) in Urdu language. Read benefits or advantages of Grewia (Falsa) in Urdu below.

Grewia Falsa Health Benefits

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