8 Ways to Get Incredible Eyelashes

Eyes are the most beautiful and sensitive part of our body. They increase your beauty and called windows into the soul. Yet, we pay very less attention to the wellness of our eyes. Due to environmental issues, our own mishandling, eyes lose their charm.

Eyelashes make your eyes look incredible. They make you look younger. But the use of excessive makeup makes your lashes less prominent and they get thin.

Here, we are going to introduce some methods that you can exercise to get healthy, fuller and amazing lashes.

1. Keep Your Eyes Fresh

Wash and clean your eyes properly. You should get rid of any mascara and makeup before you wash your eyes. Make sure your lashes are not oily and there are no remains of eye makeup. Cosmetics and other products do harm your eyes so you must carefully remove all make-up.

2. Curling Your Lashes

Curl your lashes before you apply any sort of mascara or makeup. It will make your eyelashes look bigger and stronger.

  • Softly use the curler two to three times from bottom to top of your lashes.

3. Apply Powder on Lashes

Using powder on your lashes makes them stiff and they become prominent. It does not allow them to stick together. Your lashes will look bushier and fuller.

  • Use and glowing powder before the use of mascara

4. Don’t Overdo the Mascara

Applying a lot of mascara will strain your eyes and lashes will look thin. It will make your lashes look more stiff and unnatural.

  • Use only two coats of mascara

5. Don’t Be Harsh on Your Eyes

The skin around your eyes is quite sensitive. Any kind of harsh treatment and rubbing can damage it. Too much makeup will make them heavy. Harsh treatment can break your lashes like your other hair.

  • Use make up very softly on eyes
  • Use curler very gently and don’t pull it off

6. Be Careful While Removing Make-Up

Rough handling can make you lose your lashes. It is time taking process to get your lashes grow back. Use remover very gently.

  • Use cotton pad soaked in remover and put lightly on your lashes for 30 seconds
  • Wipe it carefully and slowly to remove mascara

7. Use a Conditioner

Like hair conditioners, lash conditioner doesn’t make your lashes bigger or thicker. But it does have the overall effect.

  • It will make your lashes smooth and gentle
  • They will begin to glow
  • It will help diminish the mascara side effects

8. Avoid Using Artificial Lashes as Much as You Can

Staying with a natural course is the best way. Don’t waste your money on lash extensions.

  • It’s not the long lasting way you will have to use it permanently.
  • Putting on and removing lash extension will cause you a lot of trouble and will make you lose your lashes.
  • Use of glue can damage your eyes health

These useful tips can help you get beautiful, strong and thicker lashes.it will also help you to maintain their proper health. So apply these little tricks and get amazing and gorgeous eyelashes.


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